You can't get blood from a stone..

..but apparently you can get paper. It's called TerraSkin and it handles a little like Yupo paper but with more capacity for absorption. Of course, if there's paper out there that was once stone I need it. I ordered some from Amazon [what can't you find on Amazon, by the way] Im assuming there isn't any here in Qatar, but that's a lame assumption and founded on laziness. Its just so much easier to hit that one-click shopping link over there on Amazon.

I had so much fun playing on Yupo paper today. For those who might be wondering, Yupo is not  paper at all, but a plastic material. Many watercolorists find it fun to experiment on a medium that repels the water rather than absorbing it as traditional watercolor paper that is 100% rag will. 
With thick applications of watercolor paint .. only very small amounts of water and using only the primaries..cobalt blue, vermillion and ~I think it was hansa yellow..a cool yellow, I did a super quick, instinctive..'you're a flower' sort of painting. Lots of fun! and definitely something to keep trying to improve upon. This is 9x12" but what fun this would be a large sheet.

Back to glass tomorrow! since I promised someone I would work in blues this week.

While I really really really!..really. do not enjoy custom work, and [shudder]don't do it..I've found I can handle it in the smallest of requests like that..Give me a color and let me do with it what I will.  That's fun. :-) :-)

We'll see what comes of it..enjoy your day today everyone!


Angela Fehr said...

I hate custom requests too! I always just want to go my own way. And this is the 2nd time I've heard of stone paper, and both mentions were this morning. So now I will have to do some shopping too. I like the idea of it being a little more absorbent than YUPO.

Deborah Lambson said...

Yes! But I remember trying Yupo years ago and my paint stayed sticky forever..not so this time. In reading, I find I must've been using a brand of paints that have honey as one of the ingredients! Ah ha! That would be the reason.. Lol. Can't remember what brand it is now.. Maybe M Graham. Thanks for stopping by Angela! Order the terraskin! :)

Linda Robinson said...

Beautiful art. More shopping coming up for me, too!

Deborah Lambson said...

Thanks Linda..let me know when you try it out!