Color me Red

Handcrafted glass beads by Deborah JLambson ~:Saree:~

ReD! Leaning to the oranges..a ripening tomato red.

I'm a lover of organic hues..earthy subtle colors. A lot of greens and blues..But the other day someone asked me a seemingly innocent question.
 'Do you have anything in red?'
and because I was needing a wee bit of a change, that simple request began a hunt for the perfect red.

The reds and pinks are not an easy quest in the glass world. Many of those luscious red rods turn livery and rusty once they're worked in the flame and put through the annealing process. What emerges from the kiln is not the lovely red that you saw in the raw form.

But, this one..mm. Called 'Maraschino' [which is more true to the cherry color when worked small] is a glass that comes from a China based company called 'Creation is Messy' or CIM glass.

I'm becoming a fan.
of both CIM glass and the color red! :-)

Handcrafted glass beads~~ :Saree: collar by Deborah JLambson
~Enjoy your week everyone..

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