A glimpse of Doha, Qatar

Just a few of our favorite images from our time here in Qatar..

Our neighborhood in Doha


Desert outside of the city of Doha, Qatar

Sunrise in the Desert

Fishing Dhow

One of the many Perfumeries in Doha..beautiful bottles and oils

Waiting for the Souq to open

City center Doha, Qatar

City center Doha, Qatar

Ally at the Souq

Merchant at the Souq

the Pearl, Doha

Turkish lamp lighting


You can't get blood from a stone..

..but apparently you can get paper. It's called TerraSkin and it handles a little like Yupo paper but with more capacity for absorption. Of course, if there's paper out there that was once stone I need it. I ordered some from Amazon [what can't you find on Amazon, by the way] Im assuming there isn't any here in Qatar, but that's a lame assumption and founded on laziness. Its just so much easier to hit that one-click shopping link over there on Amazon.

I had so much fun playing on Yupo paper today. For those who might be wondering, Yupo is not  paper at all, but a plastic material. Many watercolorists find it fun to experiment on a medium that repels the water rather than absorbing it as traditional watercolor paper that is 100% rag will. 
With thick applications of watercolor paint .. only very small amounts of water and using only the primaries..cobalt blue, vermillion and ~I think it was hansa yellow..a cool yellow, I did a super quick, instinctive..'you're a flower' sort of painting. Lots of fun! and definitely something to keep trying to improve upon. This is 9x12" but what fun this would be a large sheet.

Back to glass tomorrow! since I promised someone I would work in blues this week.

While I really really really!..really. do not enjoy custom work, and [shudder]don't do it..I've found I can handle it in the smallest of requests like that..Give me a color and let me do with it what I will.  That's fun. :-) :-)

We'll see what comes of it..enjoy your day today everyone!


Its a Give away!!

Give away!! 

Handcrafted earrings, designed with my torched glass beads in a flowing leaf style in pinkish purples. Set on sterling silver hooks.

Your name will go into a draw and a winner will be announced here on Feb 1st..just in time for you to gift someone on Valentines day ~♡~ [maybe yourself?]

Thank you those who send their feedback and encouragement and show their love of the arts..it never fails to boost my spirits! 

                                                  Enjoy your week everyone!!


Color me Red

Handcrafted glass beads by Deborah JLambson ~:Saree:~

ReD! Leaning to the oranges..a ripening tomato red.

I'm a lover of organic hues..earthy subtle colors. A lot of greens and blues..But the other day someone asked me a seemingly innocent question.
 'Do you have anything in red?'
and because I was needing a wee bit of a change, that simple request began a hunt for the perfect red.

The reds and pinks are not an easy quest in the glass world. Many of those luscious red rods turn livery and rusty once they're worked in the flame and put through the annealing process. What emerges from the kiln is not the lovely red that you saw in the raw form.

But, this one..mm. Called 'Maraschino' [which is more true to the cherry color when worked small] is a glass that comes from a China based company called 'Creation is Messy' or CIM glass.

I'm becoming a fan.
of both CIM glass and the color red! :-)

Handcrafted glass beads~~ :Saree: collar by Deborah JLambson
~Enjoy your week everyone..