a design isn't finished until..

I'm a lover of words. I've been collecting quotes since I was in my teens..and that is now a lifetime ago. It seems it some days.
One of current favorite quotes was said by Brenda Laurel who is, among other things, a professor at the California College of the Arts. 

She said, "A design isn't finished until someone is using it."

This just 'fits' in so many ways with my thinking regarding the creation of anything, be it music, drama, novels, poetry, food, clothing, art...and on. Wisps of thought become solid ideas become spoken word become tactile things. To what end if there isn't someone to listen, wear, or in anyway enjoy the created outcome? There needs to be a completed circle of life. 

The journey of this medium that I love, from silica to glass to colored rod form to conjured thought in my head to the flame of my torch to formed bead to more dancing in my head to jewelry to owner and wearer of that piece of jewelry!! is a fascinating and immensely satisfying one to me. 

Made more so by those who love and wear what I conjure up. 

Thank you.