Apricots and Kilim

Turkey is a land of of beauty..We stayed at the very lovely and hospitable, Anemone Hotel on the outskirts of Malatya, a city situated in eastern Turkey. A city known for being the apricot capital..there are groves everywhere that stretch as far as the eye can see. Spring time must be amazing.
The city has been a human settlement for thousands of years. Strabo Geographica, says that the city was known "to the ancients" 
We were there for 3 weeks and savored every bit of it.

We tasted different foods.. Turkish kabob, turkish delite [sickeningly sweet..but I needed to taste what had enticed Edward so completely in the 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' Turns out the boy had a serious sweet tooth] and something called 'Eskender'..thinly sliced lamb covered with a spiced tomato sauce. Good. The kabob was a feast. Served with pride and flair and several different spreads and bread.
We met very friendly happy outgoing people. In fact, customer service in Turkey is something North Americans could take lessons on. They are happy to have you in their shop and make sure you know that.

enjoying Turkish Kabob at a local restaurant with some Lovely people..Deelish food and great company, in spite of the language barrier.

Malatya is very scenic. Shepherds with their flocks dot the landscape. I wondered how each shepherd managed to keep their flock apart.
During a walk not far from the hotel one evening, I captured this on the edge of the city.

In all of our travels we find interesting findings for my jewelry..some of it of undetermined age, some of it contemporary..all of it sure to add colorful energy and wonderful karma to my work. One snowy afternoon, we found ourselves in a small merchant noveltry shop with 2 Arab women that spoke little to no english. Mostly no. :-] We purchased some finished jewelry that could not be passed up and also several strands of stones and crystals for my work.

Have you heard of Scapolite crystal?..I had not. I gravitate to rough and natural materials. Most Scapolite is mined in Madagascar..some of it is also found in Canada..this particular strand is from Madagascar.  Scapolite is Greek for 'shaft' and you can easily see why when you examine a crystal. Tannin or golden in color and very translucent. This crystal gem also contains interesting metaphysical properties. Gold scapolite has a mood-lifting effect, similar to citrine. It can be used to increase energy, and also to support and purify the filter organs, particularly the liver and spleen.

"...helps you to look deeply inside yourself to see the solutions for past problems and present problems. Scapolite helps to bring about change--physical, intellectual, or in your environment. It helps you attain your goals, working with you to get where you need to get."      ~so says www.metaphysicalrealm1.com

They are the right match for some beads created with Murano Ivory that had been burnished with 22K gold. 

'Gaia' ~ Lampwork and Scapolite crystal  [Aztec series]. 

I could not have left Turkey without finding a kilim [tapestry woven rug] to bring back..as well as several fine silk scarves. Gifts yet to be wrapped and sent..:-] 

Beautiful, beautiful spot on the earth and one we would love to return to some day..pretty sure I've said that of every place we've been. 

Taken from our hotel window.. the Anemone Hotel, Malatya