Looking for a perfect orange? Make it.

'Cane' is a term used by glass artists to describe the glass that is created and used to enhance and further design your bead [marble, vessel, ring..etc]
some of the hand pulled cane, twisties and stringer that are on my work bench this morning
When I began learning the art of lampwork it was enough to use the rods as they came shipped to me. While that's still exciting! [glass makers are always coming up with a new recipe and christening them with enticing names..see 'Mint Lozenge' or 'Gooseberry' Ltd run..who in their right mind with a set of didy's and a torch does not want to melt that. I ask you.] So, while I still salivate over the rods of glass that are in production, I have also been eyeing the rods I have with a deeper curiosity.
What might I get if I encased a blob of yellow with some of that transparent blue I never use, then stripe with small lines of my very expensive silver blue? If it sounds workable..[and some of course are not.. I have a series of gray cane to attest to that.] the dreamed up mix is then melted down and pulled into a workable diameter of glass rod or 'cane' ['stringer' is pulled skinny skinny and a 'twistie' is  twisted and pulled at the same time and 'cane' is simply lined up with stripes running neatly along your mandrel and slowly pulled]~ And so is born a luscious [hopefully!] new color to be used in future designs.

Below are a few recent examples of cane and stringer use.

'Renaissance' [sold]
'Selkie' [sold]
Botanical series [sold]