July 2012

Our daily life here is beginning to find a hum..it's own rhythm. My husband works long hours..14 hr days. Exhausting yes. But on his off days we play..we travel and explore. We look forward to those off days.
Last weekend we took a small day trip to Tel Aviv to enjoy the water and to visit one of my favorite jewelry supply stores located on Allenby Street.
Allenby is a busy bustling street that sits near Jaffa and most definitely has a flavor all of it's own.  There are merchants sitting outside their shops smoking, surveying the day. There are assistants carrying bolts of material and boxes of merchandise.Of course the shoppers..lots of people shop at all hours. They're slow shoppers for the most part..out to mosey and explore, touch and examine.
The streets are not drive-able really. You would be smart to take a cab. There is continuous honking to add to the mayhem.. We have yet to become accustomed to driving the narrow streets with the thrust of people, bikes and taxis..meaning I'm still certain we will lose our lives or maim one of those brave cyclists on Allenby street in Tel Aviv. and yet we return..;-]
The store itself is one of the reasons we continue to visit. An organized  jumble of rollers and presses and lengths of metal and stones. Clasps and findings crafted in brass and sterling catch my eye..all hand stamped. Made here in Israel. I love that.
I bought my supplies and we went out to eat lunch..we decided that we were hungry enough to eat at the 'Manta Ray',  a beautiful wee little restaurant that sits seaside.
They served us the most delicious scallop and shrimp with a fennel sauce that I swore I was going to go home and google so that I could try it ourselves..[yet to do that] We enjoyed every morsel while we sat together chatting and loving the view.
I am a blessed woman and its a good life.

what I ate
what we saw
what I made when I got home..


Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

I would love to visit Israel. My son did in 2000 and he loved it. Your creation is beautiful and the seaside location and food looks wonderful!

Sweetwater Designs said...

thanks so much for stopping by Katherine..maybe one day you'll experience Israel for yourself :-)