Google magic. or something akin to it. That was at work this afternoon somehow. See if you can follow this serendipitous path with me..

I was on my stats [viewing statistics for my site and this blog] and noticed that someone had visited my blog through the 'Images' Google link, using my name in the search area rather than the usual searched for terms, which are either Sweetwater Designs or lampwork beads or glass beads.. 
I open the page curious to see what images there are under my personal name...well there are a lot, and of course, not all are taken from the pages of the blog or have anything to do with me.
For some inexplicable reason this image drew my attention.

Brodmann's area 10

Until right now, this image has never graced the pages of my blog..but I am very curious when I see it. Its the sort of thing that interests me..anything to do with the brain and all cerebral processes. Also, look at all the pretty purple.. I click on it...it brings me here, to this womans blog.

The post is a sweet tribute to her Mom on her Mothers birthday in October...which I have found 'accidentally' on Mothers Day a few months later. A day when I am 3000 miles from my Mother and missing her very much. But that's not the serendipitous part. At least not entirely.

As I read over her blog further I see a very familiar bead..or rather cabochon..[no holes] and yes. You guessed it. It is one of mine...So that is our connection. And we are you know. All connected that is, in some way, we..you the reader and I,  you and the person on the bus..I and my Israeli neighbor. We are all connected.

In the Realm of Meant to Be

Above is the wonderfully bold ring that Linda Robinson created using the wee blue floral cabochon. From my torch to hers. She calls it her Warriors Ring.

I love that.


Linda Robinson said...

This is an amazing connectedness journey. Thanks for sharing the ride!

Melanie-Pearl said...

I too am obsessed with Neurobio and have found McGilchrist and Dr. Siegel to be great scientists/philosophers and communicators. You might enjoy:

Mindfulness Meditation is Siegel's thing and I'd bet a million bucks when you are making beads you are practicing it. Interestingly enough, while researching psych journals this very morning, I actually read the following words in one study: "The practice of mindfulness is often experienced as a self-broadening activity, leading to attitudinal transformations such as a greater sense of trust, love for others, and connectedness with a greater whole."

Your bead was never just a bead. Cool story. Thanks for sharing. I love it!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Melanie..I would love to meet you one day, and Linda..and so many others I 'meet' online.
Wouldn't that be a true connectedness journey?

Thanks for the link and the great thoughts to ponder Melanie..

Kathy T said...

That is so cool... Love the evolution of the making of a Bead and it's final resting place... Love the Bead, Love the Ring, Love the Story. Way to go Deb...

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