Defend genuine Handmade

May 10th defend genuine handmade at protesty.com

Just like many venues before it, [or at least the one big one that shall remain un-named..] Etsy has slowly opened the door to mass produced....we should have seen it coming when they added .. 'and supplies' to their tagline.
Showing support to my handy sisters who labor diligently over their potters wheels, torches, sewing machines, wool baskets, hammers and mallets, cardstock and scissors, ink pots and paint pots, I have put my 2 shops into 'vacation mode' for the day.
Will it change anything? I'm old enough to have a cynical bone or two..I say, 'highly unlikely'. But, there's small satisfaction in standing together and voicing your disapproval in an organized, ethical way..don't you think?
 I can feel the sister bond already..

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