Jewelry in 2012 is appearing a wee bit more classical in style than last year..don't you think? I like that. Pieces you can hang on to for a few years..I think that's why the gold chains never really get put away. They're always in style..maybe more layered this year but still in style. You're more likely to see 3 or more gold chains of varying link style and lengths than you are just one.

According to one of LA's leading style expert, Michael O'Connor we're going to see 50/60's influenced accessories this year..hmm.
Smaller rings but mega sized earrings. Brighter bolder colors, botanical and organic designs. Choker length necklaces.. statement cuffs..

Will these forecasts translate in your designs?

I create spontaneously generally, but I'm not immune to trends...
in fact, possibly it's the reason for all the flowers blooming in the studio lately..

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