Jewelry in 2012 is appearing a wee bit more classical in style than last year..don't you think? I like that. Pieces you can hang on to for a few years..I think that's why the gold chains never really get put away. They're always in style..maybe more layered this year but still in style. You're more likely to see 3 or more gold chains of varying link style and lengths than you are just one.

According to one of LA's leading style expert, Michael O'Connor we're going to see 50/60's influenced accessories this year..hmm.
Smaller rings but mega sized earrings. Brighter bolder colors, botanical and organic designs. Choker length necklaces.. statement cuffs..

Will these forecasts translate in your designs?

I create spontaneously generally, but I'm not immune to trends...
in fact, possibly it's the reason for all the flowers blooming in the studio lately..


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I wired up this little flame worked glass pendant this morning and oxidized the copper. I think it has a lot of Spring elements..woodsy greens..mauves, and in my favorite organic floral style.

All ready now to be strung onto leather..chain..sari silk...worked into your own designs.

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Botanical prints/themes abound this season..as is usually the trend for Spring, but 2012 will see it throughout the year according to some of the fashion gurus.

"Half of New York showed florals, but in a great way," said Bryan Grey Yambao, fashion blogger of Bryanboy.com "I love the tropical prints from Joseph Altuzarra, the hyper flower power at Peter Thom, the botanical prints from Alexander Wang ... This season is very visual."

taken from http://edition.cnn.com/2011/10/21/living/spring-fashion-forecast/index.html

Florals are most certainly bang on the money for 2012...
so says http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

I don't really follow the fashion trends..or even pay a whole lot of attention to them. I prefer classic styles that will look great for more than a year or two..
As for glass, I play with colors that make me feel good, and organic florals have been the theme in my studio for the last few months..[at least~

Hey,..I'm right on trend. How about that. (:

All of the above handmade glass beads for your jewelry designs are available in the Etsy shop..