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Winner of the draw for the bracelet 'Pinked' is Irene of  'Flamekissed Glass'! Thank you all for particpating and sharing!

..Happy Holidays to all.. 

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Lampwork bracelet by Deborah JLambson to Give Away..

Enter to win this One of a KiNd artist made Lampwork bracelet by Deborah JLambson [formerly sweetwaterdesigns]
From deborahjlambson.com 

Full of brilliant color and sass, this hand crafted artisan bracelet was made to go out on the town. Lots of flashy hues that are best seen in person. Juicy orange fushia tangerine blue purple. Oxidized copper chain strand and dangle for movement.. Turquoise hieshi chunk dangle, small turquoise glass and pure copper findings.
Measures 7.25"

Retails at $110.00 US

Terms and Conditions:

Winner will receive the above pictured Lampwork bracelet 'Pinked' designed and created by me, Deborah JLambson 

You can enter by commenting on this blog, tweeting about the giveaway, by following @glass_wrangler on twitter, or by "Liking" the Sweetwater Designs handmade glass beads facebook fan page. 'Sharing' the GiveAway post will also earn you an entry.

All entries will be verified. If an action cannot be verified the corresponding entry will be disqualified.

To make sure you receive the notification in case you win, please make sure that info[at]deborahjlambson.com is on your email program's list of approved senders.

The winner will have 48 hours to respond after notification has been sent. If there is no response from the winner within 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen.

Draw ends 12/21/2012 


 Photo taken from the hotel window in Netanya, Israel in June 2012


Looking for a perfect orange? Make it.

'Cane' is a term used by glass artists to describe the glass that is created and used to enhance and further design your bead [marble, vessel, ring..etc]
some of the hand pulled cane, twisties and stringer that are on my work bench this morning
When I began learning the art of lampwork it was enough to use the rods as they came shipped to me. While that's still exciting! [glass makers are always coming up with a new recipe and christening them with enticing names..see 'Mint Lozenge' or 'Gooseberry' Ltd run..who in their right mind with a set of didy's and a torch does not want to melt that. I ask you.] So, while I still salivate over the rods of glass that are in production, I have also been eyeing the rods I have with a deeper curiosity.
What might I get if I encased a blob of yellow with some of that transparent blue I never use, then stripe with small lines of my very expensive silver blue? If it sounds workable..[and some of course are not.. I have a series of gray cane to attest to that.] the dreamed up mix is then melted down and pulled into a workable diameter of glass rod or 'cane' ['stringer' is pulled skinny skinny and a 'twistie' is  twisted and pulled at the same time and 'cane' is simply lined up with stripes running neatly along your mandrel and slowly pulled]~ And so is born a luscious [hopefully!] new color to be used in future designs.

Below are a few recent examples of cane and stringer use.

'Renaissance' [sold]
'Selkie' [sold]
Botanical series [sold]


I feel younger already..

I'm always looking for new and interesting findings and materials to add to my stash. Mediums that play well with glass and that work with my style.. Seedy, textural findings. I love artisan made clasps and findings. I love the warmth of copper, bronze and brass..those metals jive well with my work. If I use sterling or fine silver I almost always oxidize it. I just think it makes it look more substantial..worn and lived in.

The other day, while going through handmade findings and supplies on Etsy..I found some Rudraksha Seeds, these to be used as beads..have you heard of them? I had never set eyes on them before but as I learn about them I find that they are commonly used as prayer beads. Anyway..love them. Bought them. They look like this:

 and here's a little bit about them:

 "The rudraksha seed comes from an eponymous broad-leaf evergreen found in South and Southeast Asia. The fruit is bright blue and generally of no interest, but the seeds are named according to shape and associated with various unsubstantiated divine powers. According to Indian mythology, when Shiva wept, his tears turned into the rudraksha."      ~ thank you  milkmiracle.net

Another site advises students and those "..seeking knowledge and intelligence to carry rudraksh with either four, five or six faces. These strengthen the mind of their owners and increase the ability to concentrate."       ~thank you eHow.com

I'm pretty sure these have 5 faces although that's difficult to be really sure of unless you're a seed expert..
and  then this from hinduism.about.com

"According to the Ayurvedic medical system, wearing Rudraksha can have a positive effect on the heart and nerves, and relieve you from stress, anxiety, depression, palpitations and lack of concentration. It is also known for its anti ageing effect, and electromagnetic and inductive properties. People with high blood pressure have been found have benefited from the use of Rudraksha seeds..."

It's a natural material to go with glass wouldn't you say? great vibrations and energy..I added two perfect little ones to balance the chi and the amethyst [using color theory, opposing colors on the wheel make us feel good when we look at them. Orange and purple sit opposite one another on the color wheel]..

One of a kind 'Om' bracelet is available here

 Enjoy your week people..create something. 
Jewelry, a painting, dinner, a mess, a journal entry
..anything. Just create.


July 2012

Our daily life here is beginning to find a hum..it's own rhythm. My husband works long hours..14 hr days. Exhausting yes. But on his off days we play..we travel and explore. We look forward to those off days.
Last weekend we took a small day trip to Tel Aviv to enjoy the water and to visit one of my favorite jewelry supply stores located on Allenby Street.
Allenby is a busy bustling street that sits near Jaffa and most definitely has a flavor all of it's own.  There are merchants sitting outside their shops smoking, surveying the day. There are assistants carrying bolts of material and boxes of merchandise.Of course the shoppers..lots of people shop at all hours. They're slow shoppers for the most part..out to mosey and explore, touch and examine.
The streets are not drive-able really. You would be smart to take a cab. There is continuous honking to add to the mayhem.. We have yet to become accustomed to driving the narrow streets with the thrust of people, bikes and taxis..meaning I'm still certain we will lose our lives or maim one of those brave cyclists on Allenby street in Tel Aviv. and yet we return..;-]
The store itself is one of the reasons we continue to visit. An organized  jumble of rollers and presses and lengths of metal and stones. Clasps and findings crafted in brass and sterling catch my eye..all hand stamped. Made here in Israel. I love that.
I bought my supplies and we went out to eat lunch..we decided that we were hungry enough to eat at the 'Manta Ray',  a beautiful wee little restaurant that sits seaside.
They served us the most delicious scallop and shrimp with a fennel sauce that I swore I was going to go home and google so that I could try it ourselves..[yet to do that] We enjoyed every morsel while we sat together chatting and loving the view.
I am a blessed woman and its a good life.

what I ate
what we saw
what I made when I got home..


artist made jewelry~ 'Renaissance'

Earthy and original...bold and lusty,

 with just the right amount of jangle 

~ this artist made bracelet was created for original women..



Congratulations to Elena V..winner of the artisan earrings. Thank you everyone who played along and helped to add some sparkle to my Facebook page..you're all great..I wish I could send each one of you a pair of earrings :-)
Stay tuned and keep popping in for a visit..I don't know when the next draw will be but you can be sure there will be another!

Enjoy your week everyone..create something today. Even if its just a fabulous dinner for the one you love.


Back in the Bay

E'Bay that is! Just listed this set of nine hand formed beads [as in no presses]..enough for a necklace or a couple of bracelets when you mix them up with other components.
Created with shards using rods of dark plum.
.. a fun bead-making technique that involves the breaking of glass. yes, we all enjoy that I think. ;-)

Click on the photo to visit the 3 day auction

Enjoy your week all!


Lampwork earring Giveaway!!

It's my birthday this month. Yes. Another one. In honor of my many many birthdays I'm giving away a pair of my handcrafted earrings. 
A pair of my lampwork beads wired with sterling silver and strung onto french style clips. [retail $40.] Nubby textural warm autumnal hues of amber and purple.

Here's how to win:

1. Visit and "Like" Sweetwater Designs handmade glass beads on Facebook.

2. Share the Sweetwater Designs Facebook page or any album from this page on your Wall, and tag me in your posts. Facebook's easy-to-use "Share" button can be found below most featured images and posts on the left side, while the "Tag This Photo" function is typically located on the right side.

3. You can share and post as many times as you like; each shared post in which you tag " Sweetwater Designs handmade glass beads" gets you one entry into the Birthday giveaway. Please comment either here or on my facebook page to let me know you have shared and/or posted. Thanks and good luck!

Giveaway ends July 14th, 2012. I will post the winner on the 15th at 10am PST
Enjoy your week all!



Google magic. or something akin to it. That was at work this afternoon somehow. See if you can follow this serendipitous path with me..

I was on my stats [viewing statistics for my site and this blog] and noticed that someone had visited my blog through the 'Images' Google link, using my name in the search area rather than the usual searched for terms, which are either Sweetwater Designs or lampwork beads or glass beads.. 
I open the page curious to see what images there are under my personal name...well there are a lot, and of course, not all are taken from the pages of the blog or have anything to do with me.
For some inexplicable reason this image drew my attention.

Brodmann's area 10

Until right now, this image has never graced the pages of my blog..but I am very curious when I see it. Its the sort of thing that interests me..anything to do with the brain and all cerebral processes. Also, look at all the pretty purple.. I click on it...it brings me here, to this womans blog.

The post is a sweet tribute to her Mom on her Mothers birthday in October...which I have found 'accidentally' on Mothers Day a few months later. A day when I am 3000 miles from my Mother and missing her very much. But that's not the serendipitous part. At least not entirely.

As I read over her blog further I see a very familiar bead..or rather cabochon..[no holes] and yes. You guessed it. It is one of mine...So that is our connection. And we are you know. All connected that is, in some way, we..you the reader and I,  you and the person on the bus..I and my Israeli neighbor. We are all connected.

In the Realm of Meant to Be

Above is the wonderfully bold ring that Linda Robinson created using the wee blue floral cabochon. From my torch to hers. She calls it her Warriors Ring.

I love that.


Defend genuine Handmade

May 10th defend genuine handmade at protesty.com

Just like many venues before it, [or at least the one big one that shall remain un-named..] Etsy has slowly opened the door to mass produced....we should have seen it coming when they added .. 'and supplies' to their tagline.
Showing support to my handy sisters who labor diligently over their potters wheels, torches, sewing machines, wool baskets, hammers and mallets, cardstock and scissors, ink pots and paint pots, I have put my 2 shops into 'vacation mode' for the day.
Will it change anything? I'm old enough to have a cynical bone or two..I say, 'highly unlikely'. But, there's small satisfaction in standing together and voicing your disapproval in an organized, ethical way..don't you think?
 I can feel the sister bond already..


An afternoon in Jaffa

I love Milt's days off..we get to explore Israel together.

Jaffa is a small city within Tel Aviv..the Old city it's called, and rightly so. History says that it is, ".. one of the ancient port cities on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Old Jaffa is built upon a cliff, at the foot of which the ancient port stretches out, protected by a rocky reef. Tradition says that the city was established after the Flood, and that Japheth, son of Noah, was the eponymous founder." [http://www.artmag.com]

Israel is still celebrating the Passover this week so there was a festive bustle of families, especially in the Flea Market.
Loads of textiles and hookahs and trinkets that look imported from China, but it's a fun atmosphere and if you know what you want its an interesting market place.

I spotted a fabric table runner and when the shop owner saw me touch it he began his pitch. Hand crafted of course. He pushed a piece of paper at me with his price written on it. 300. I said no, I was just looking. He pushed the paper and pencil at my hand and said what would I pay? I really didn't want the runner but I'm still unaccustomed to these aggressive selling techniques. I took the pencil and wrote down 50. To my surprise he agreed. When I handed him a 50 sheckel note he was furious. "Are you crazy?!" he shouted. Yes, apparently I am. All I can guess is that he had been speaking in US money terms and I was assuming we were talking Israeli nis. 50 nis is roughly 15.00 US. Which is why I was so surprised that he agreed to my price that was so far below what he had asked!
Since Jaffa is such a tourist attraction I guess many of the shop owners are used to selling in US currency.

Part of the charm of Old Jaffa are the old narrow medieval streets with the towering walls of ancient masonry that rise far above your head. There's a haunting air of the old world, and I can only imagine what these walls have seen. These days this area houses an artsy collection of boutique style shops, art galleries and small gift stores.
I day dreamed myself into one of the small alley shops selling jewelry and my handmade glass beads. mm delicious dream.

.. speaking of delicious.
Of course, there are an assortment of small seaside cafes...seafood, the ever present falafel [deep fried chick pea] and toast [panini]..We chose one and sitting outside amidst the hub we ate our lunch. I had a Vietnamese salad. Thinly julienned cucumber, carrots, radish, all the peppers..green yellow red, sprouts sitting on top skinny rice noodles with a salty sweet vinaigrette. Very good.
Milt had something completely adventuresome. Grilled grain sandwich with peppers, balkan cheese and..hold onto your hat..sweet potato. He liked it so I tried a bite..Surprisingly good!

Below is a view of one of the largest mosques in Jaffa..most of what you see here was built in 1812 during the Ottoman period.

This fountain marks Kedumim Square which sits in the center of the hill of Old Jaffa. Beneath the Square lie archaeological excavations which yielded findings from the ancient Egyptian, Philistine and Hasmonean periods. The signs of the zodiac encircle the fountain.

We thought it made a good back drop for the couple shot of the day.


Lampwork Necklace

now on Etsy..

20" hammered sterling silver gemstones and my own flame worked glass beads

Nature inspired..

One of a kind.



Jewelry in 2012 is appearing a wee bit more classical in style than last year..don't you think? I like that. Pieces you can hang on to for a few years..I think that's why the gold chains never really get put away. They're always in style..maybe more layered this year but still in style. You're more likely to see 3 or more gold chains of varying link style and lengths than you are just one.

According to one of LA's leading style expert, Michael O'Connor we're going to see 50/60's influenced accessories this year..hmm.
Smaller rings but mega sized earrings. Brighter bolder colors, botanical and organic designs. Choker length necklaces.. statement cuffs..

Will these forecasts translate in your designs?

I create spontaneously generally, but I'm not immune to trends...
in fact, possibly it's the reason for all the flowers blooming in the studio lately..


Congratulations Angie.. you won :-))

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Be sure to send me your mailing address Angie [deborahlambsonatgmaildotcom] and I'll have this on its way..thanks all for participating. We'll do this again soon!


Well, isn't this nice..

JG Beaded Jewelry Blog: Handcrafted Lampwork Beads and Jewelry by Sweetwat...: JG Beaded Jewelry is delighted to feature Deborah Lambson, a skilled bead and jewelry creator and owner of Sweetwater Designs. Deborah disc...



I wired up this little flame worked glass pendant this morning and oxidized the copper. I think it has a lot of Spring elements..woodsy greens..mauves, and in my favorite organic floral style.

All ready now to be strung onto leather..chain..sari silk...worked into your own designs.

Free! to those of you who mention
this giveaway


my etsy shop

in any of your social media accounts..Just send me the link in a comment here
and you will be entered to win!

Simple,no? ~Sweet, yes?

Of course you may enter as many times as you like..your name will go into the draw for as many mentions that are made.

Draw ends Jan 20th and comments must be here on my blog in order to count..otherwise I will surely miss someone!

Enjoy your week all!



Botanical prints/themes abound this season..as is usually the trend for Spring, but 2012 will see it throughout the year according to some of the fashion gurus.

"Half of New York showed florals, but in a great way," said Bryan Grey Yambao, fashion blogger of Bryanboy.com "I love the tropical prints from Joseph Altuzarra, the hyper flower power at Peter Thom, the botanical prints from Alexander Wang ... This season is very visual."

taken from http://edition.cnn.com/2011/10/21/living/spring-fashion-forecast/index.html

Florals are most certainly bang on the money for 2012...
so says http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

I don't really follow the fashion trends..or even pay a whole lot of attention to them. I prefer classic styles that will look great for more than a year or two..
As for glass, I play with colors that make me feel good, and organic florals have been the theme in my studio for the last few months..[at least~

Hey,..I'm right on trend. How about that. (:

All of the above handmade glass beads for your jewelry designs are available in the Etsy shop..