Using long tube Beads

I like to re-create the same bead countless times, and while this may seem obsessive I like to think it's more correctly the desire to make the bead I see in my head. Mostly impossible. But I keep trying.
Lately that obsession is the long tube shaped bead. The longer and skinnier the better. More a cigarillo shape.
Here are a few of the latest. Still not quite the fantasy bead in my mind, but the latest...which is the copper green one with the pale green rose is the most satisfying.
In fact, I may be happy with that for a bit~

all of the above handmade glass beads are available here:
Green Bird Studio

What's your favorite bead shape to design with? For most of us it seems to be the flattened lozenge shape. But don't disregard other perhaps more 'difficult' shapes, they afford an excuse to create something unique and truly one of a kind.
Following are some beautiful necklaces using long tube shaped beads.

Credits for jewelry design go to:



Beadwright said...

I love your long tube beads. I say, "always go with what is in your artist head"

Hot Rocks said...

I think all of your beads are beautiful, Deb!

Sweetwater Designs said...

aw thanks for the nice words ladies..<3