Guide to Necklace Lengths

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A Girls Guide to Necklace Lengths

Collar Necklace

First we have the ‘collar’ length. Very snug. Very sophisticated. Collar length necklaces are great for formal occasions and look fab with anything strapless. To wear a collar, especially one on the smaller side of the 12-13 inches, you should have a thin neck, or a love of bondage. But if you can pull it off, this style looks fantastic. Even good with jeans and a blouse. Anything v-neck.

Necklace Lengths

Choker Necklace

A little more relaxed than the collar, and more comfortable for those of us with thicker necks, the choker gives you a little more breathing room. This 14-16 inch length is great if you want to draw attention to your long lovely neck. And that hollow.

Princess Necklace

Now that just sounds right. And it often is. This 17-19 inch length is very common and the main thing to be aware of is that you choose the appropriate clothing. This necklace length works well with higher or lower necklines, just be sure that your clothing and necklace don’t fight over the same spot.

Matinee Necklace

This necklace length is traditionally thought of as sophisticated. Good for business wear, for formal wear with higher necklines or for dressing up casual clothing. The matinee should fall to the top of your cleavage and is 20-24 inches long.

Opera Necklace

The opera, 28-34 inches in length falls just below the breast bone and draws attention to your chest. Sound unnecessary? Well for those of us who no longer want to draw attention to our necks, this is a good option.

Rope Necklace

The rope necklace deserves special applause at a spectacular 45 inches or more in length. Wearing something fabulous? Confident in the total package? This length requires the ‘once over’ in order to take it all in.

Apparently I wear either princess or matinee length..so, which is your favorite?

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