The Canadian snowboys return..

I don't think there's snow in my hometown in northern Canada yet, but sadly..or maybe happily [if you're a snow boarder or skier]..it's not far away. There's usually a skiff of snow by Hallowe'en, sometimes even earlier. Not enough for snowmen maybe but enough to make you start putting your woolies on.

I love making these little guys..

even though they all have the same features, each one is different and unique. Kind of like us. :-)

Available now on Etsy, Canadian Snowboys [and girls]..each with a woolie toque and scarf. One piece bead to string as a wintery charm [at about 1" in length they're also very sweet as package accents when you wrap your gifts] or to use as a focal in your Christmas designs.

I will be offering one free snowboy with every purchase totaling 40.00 or more in the Bead shop from now through to February 2nd. These will be surprise snowboys..so not the ones that are listed. Each will be just as sweet and cute as the ones listed though..promise.

...more to come!


Hot Rocks said...

No snow here in my part of Canada yet! (I am in no hurry for the snow) However, I did want to mention to everyone who reads this that Debs Snow boys are adorable! I bought one a couple of years ago for my daughter and he was so cute!

Sweetwater Designs said...

oh thank you Susan..much appreciated! :-)
yeah..I'm about to go through another winter without snow and I'm still not crying about it! When its time though, we will find a place to make home that has seasons. We both like a little snow in the winter months..emphasis on 'little'.

Shadow Dog Designs said...

My husband and I lived in Ontario for several years and always seemed to have LOTS of snow by Halloween (except one year). Used to take a friend's kids out to trick or treat and always felt so sorry for them because the costumes they had worked so hard on were covered up by big parkas and snow pants! Your snow boys are brilliant!

Sweetwater Designs said...

lol..oh yes, the snowsuit waddle!

Thanks for the nice words Catherine :-)