The making of a lightbox..

I've come to believe that aside from a great product the single most important tool that you can have for selling online is.. a really GREAT photo.
If you want the viewer..the perspective customer.. to really see the color, the texture and all of the detail that they would see if they had the item you wish to sell in their hand, your photograph needs to be crisp macro photographed and the colors need to be true.
All of which is an art in itself..but one you had better learn if you expect to sell online.
Of course, there are many factors to a really good photograph but one of the most important, is good lighting~

Some people prefer natural light and I agree, I love the use of natural sunlight..even they little light spots and shadows..I think it adds to the charm and beauty of jewelry and glass beads, most especially. The drawback is that you are limited to perfect weather and time of day.
A lightbox solves those problems and provides you with a perfect source of light for your photo taking no matter when you're working.

So, in the quest for a really great photo, my husband rose to the occasion last week and following the instructions he found here, provided me with a perfect table top light box.

How great is he :-) Of course, I love it.
and I don't know about really GREAT photo..I think I'll always be searching for that..but really, this looks pretty darn good,don't you think?

Sterling silver and colorful spiny oyster discs combined with some of my own flameworked glass beads..

Enjoy your week all..and let me know if you give this a try!


Angela Fehr said...

Your photography is one of the things that makes your work so irresistible, Deborah! Love it.

Sweetwater Designs said...

thanks so much Angela..that's lovely~ :-)

Hot Rocks said...

I have to make myself one of these...I have been putting it off forever! I love your bracelet...soooo pretty, Deb.

Sweetwater Designs said...

Thanks Susan :-)

Kathy T said...

Don't know where this popped-up... but LOVE it... I too have been contemplating making a Photo Box, and got all the supplies tonight... Could you send that hubby of yours over to help me.... hahahah Now maybe I can get some decent photo's to show you...

Thanks Deb
Kathy T.

Sweetwater Designs said...

hey Kathy! let me know how it goes..photography becomes a second love once you start the glass you know.