Our Mourning Doves

Or, are we 'theirs'..I think that's more probably the case. Two mourning doves have chosen our strawberry pot on the deck to nest. I interrupted the two mid house construction about 10 days ago now.
They were busy with twigs and grass in my strawberry pot when I went out to hang laundry. [no need for dryers here in the desert..clothes are dry sometimes within an hour]
They seemed only slightly perturbed and waited on the roof until I finished and went back inside to resume the nest building.

First just one egg in the nest then a day later, 2. They're so sweetly diligent in their parental responsibilities. The male takes the day shift and the female the night and unless they are frightened away they never leave that nest. We've curtailed grilling for a bit and I'm reluctant to even water my plants..not, of course the plant they're nesting in. No strawberry crop this year. I did have to give that plant behind them a small drink yesterday though and the male stood his ground til I was finished.
I was quite surprised, I was sure he would leave for a few minutes anyway.
Brave daddy.

Looking forward to photographing the hatching and feeding process.

Enjoy your week everyone!


angelinabeadalina said...

How cool is that? Great pics so far! Bet you'll get some amazing ones as time passes!

Sweetwater Designs said...

yes! tiny little ball of hairy fuzz in that nest yesterday Ange..have to post pics. Just one hatched so far~