Setting up..

Our things have finally arrived from the States here to Israel...so glad to have my stuff finally!

I have a spare room that I can use as a studio space but have to share with that little red bed. It belong to the owners and it must stay, so I have to work around it.

I will look for movable drawers to shove under that work table and maybe pegboard if I can attach it securely..the walls are cement..yes they are. We are on the 3rd floor apartment and the walls are some sort of cement. Its great..no neighbor noise.

I'm hoping that I can somehow use that little room off the side there for the torch but of course working with a torch requires a very good ventilation system so that's not a go yet..it would be an amazing little work space though, don't you think?

I have to find some glass storage room..my glass rods are in those 3 tupperware containers tucked beside the work table.

On a side note..the glass, kiln and all of our things..tools clothes..some dishes...all travelled 3000 miles from British Columbia, Canada to California, USA, another 3000 from CA to Alabama, then flew 10,000 miles to Beer Sheva, Israel ~and all we lost was a small bowl.

How incredible is that??



Hot Rocks said...

Glad you have all of your stuff after the long trip! Now you can get organized and back to creating.

Sweetwater Designs said...

yessssss. :-)