on Creating

"Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us.
To create means to relate.
The root meaning of the word art is "to fit together"
and we all do this every day.
Not all of us are painters
but we are all artists.
Each time we fit things together we are creating

- whether it is to make a loaf of bread,
a child,

a day."
{Corita Kent}


What the locals do on Thursday

I got a phone call this morning from the wife of one of my husbands work mates..

"Do you want to see what a Bedouin flea market is like?' she asked....

oh yes ma'am I do.

The Bedouins set up their tents and sell their wares every Thursday on the outskirts of Beer Sheva.

I was surprised first at the relative civility..I assumed there would be more bedlam.

I was wrong. With the exception of a few exuberant young men yelling something as they stood beside their wares..[we could only imagine what they were saying...maybe the best price of a highlighted item or 'check this out' or ..'get your rice bowls here!' who knows...my knowledge of the Hebrew language has not extended beyond a few niceties, like thank you [todah] and peace be unto you [shalom]..oh, and yamina [go right] and shmola [go left]. I haven't found a good reason to use those last two yet.]..most sellers were not pushing their merchandise aggressively at all.
I was also surprised that these are new items they are selling..lol. I guess I assumed it would be like a giant yard sale of some sort...anyway. No, these are brand new, tagged and lovely items..at knock out prices.

I also had expected to see more haggling. Maybe there isn't because the prices are so reasonable ..I never felt anything I picked up was out of line, in fact I was shocked at some of the prices...or it could be I just missed seeing the haggling. My head was on a 360 spin but I'm sure I never saw everything.

There is anything you can imagine to be bought here in this Israeli open market..from nail polish and toilet bowl plungers to drapes and fabric by the bolt..dishes and pots, herbs and propane outdoor grills that looked very 'bedoin-ish'

sun-glasses and shoes,

lots of clotheing items..

toys and puzzles
to interest little boys

My find of the day??
A designer bathing suit. A tankini. Israeli designer. I paid 80 shekels ~roughly 22-23.00 CAD/US.
How sweet is that..:-)

So thank you Miss Julia.

..Same time next week?


Copper foil + white glass + fire

One of my all time favorite techniques when working with glass in the flame is copper foil on white glass. It's the copper that produces that lovely robins egg, Mediterranean sea blue..

It's a simple recipe:

Begin with a rod of moretti white
You will need a small amount of Thompsons white enamel (powdered glass) ..experiment! different colors with the copper produce something new every time. Some will give you lovely char black which you may or may not want so experiment with the glass and the heat.
Small bits of torn copper foil..not too much..[but here again..experiment.]

The beads above were created with very small bits of copper foil..[not an entire wrap] white enamels as well as brilliant blue enamels gently melted in at the finish.

Prepare a simple bead in the flame [you will lose your well formed bead so don't worry overly much about the shape to begin with] and allow it to set up a bit..roll into enamels and then into your copper bits, and heat throughly in the flame so that the copper is well heated. Shape and roll in enamels of your choice. This time treat the enamels carefully and heat gently in the cooler part of the flame so that you do not burn out the color you've chosen~

Can you tell I'm jonesing for my torch!?


Giveaway from Trudie Davies Designs

"..a stacking ring set with two silver rings , two gold filled rings and one garnet set ring.. "

Very very sweet. is it not?

Trudie Davis Designs is a birthday girl this month..so she's having a giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win this very lovely set of finely crafted rings
Be sure to enter here.

wow..very generous..

that would look mighty fine on this gals pinkie.



New Sweetwater Designs insignia

Logo..insignia..just a stamp that says 'Sweetwater Designs' in image only

Although they say that it makes good business sense to stay with one image, I've been playing with several different drawings lately. Isn't creativity about play and changing things up?? How can we be expected to stick to only one image?! lol..

Of course, I love the green magpie, since it was hand drawn by my grand-daughter ..he stands proudly on all cards that accompany my work.

But online..well, that's a different story. I have the small insignia on this blog..I have a profile photo on my facebook as well as my twitter account,... and I have lots of time on my hands lately while I await the arrival of my work tools to Israel...ohmy. soon, I hope.

anyway..this is my new insignia for the blog, and we'll see what else..
..at least for the moment.

What do you think?

© Copyright 2011 Deborah Lambson


on Age and Mothers

Mom and her great grand-daughter, MacKenzie 3.2010

My mother celebrates her 81st! birthday today!

I trust she's okay with me telling her age. :-)

Its funny isn't it? There is a time in a woman's life when she doesn't want her age broadcast..maybe in your mid thirties through to the late 40's?
But then something happens, and like the 13 year old proudly walking into puberty, women become verbal about the number once again. ..and Mom certainly should be.

She's always~ as long as I've been aware~ taken care of her skin..I don't ever remember my mom laying out in the sun. On the beach or working in the garden she wore a hat... She would never go to bed without cleaning her skin and moisturizing it..it's a nightly and daily ritual for her. Her skin shows the care she's given it over the years.

She still walks almost daily,weather permitting. She watches her weight. She's always been conscious of what she eats and chooses to like horrid things ~ like turnips and oatmeal. [shudder]
Although she's baffled by the growing technologies around her, she is stoic and does her best to keep up.
She's well read regarding mind and health and has always been an advocate for preventative medicine.
She has an imaginative artistic mind and has always some beautiful and wonderful creation to give away or something in the process of being constructed. She loves to read and also..big secret here, sorry Mom..likes to write poems. She stays active in church responsibilities and remains the go to person for the child looking for a band-aid, a safety pin, popcorn, a snuggle or a movie partner.

It's been these wonderful characteristics that have kept my Mom in terrific health over these years~

She's an amazing example for her 6 children, her 23 grand children and her 3 great grand children..

great genes need smart minds, to be sure.

I love you, Mom

Thank you for the years you gave me and for being an unwavering example of love to me

Enjoy your day!


Make yourself a chain fringe Necklace!

Sharing with you all today this very sweet site I enjoy browsing every so often..

I should forewarn you though,
its very fun to shop!

They have some fabulous tutorials too..this one for a chain fringe necklace, for example.
Love it.

and it's easy.



So we have finally moved into an apartment and unpacked our suitcases here in Be'er Sheva Israel...and although we are missing some things from home, we are settling in.
Much to our surprise, it does rain and the days can be cool in the Negev desert..I brought only my flip flops with me and have my boots and all other closed shoes coming in 3 months time ~when it will be 100 plus.
There is so much that's new... the smells, the sounds, the music, the television, the many muslim and orthodox jews in the dress of their beliefs, the seemingly impatient drivers and the incessant honking (why?) the pink dust of the desert sand always on the horizon, the quick animated hebrew tongue...all of it is foreign and I have a longing for it to become familiar quickly..I don't much like feeling like a stranger out of my element. but I am and we are and I know it will be some time before I am feeling 'at home'
Our apartment is high on a hill on the outskirts of the city. These buildings themselves are built to withstand the elements and man.
The walls are not drywall or wood, but constructed of stone and marble and cement. We have a 'safe room', as do all coded apartments. A safe room is a room the size of an ordinary bedroom that is equipped with a sliding steel barrier over the window and a heavy lockable door. I'm not quite sure if I feel safer with this room in my home or uneasy that I may actually need such a thing~
This is my safe room

Quite lovely..and I will get much use out of that tub for sure..:-)

Today I had the internet guy show up and connect me once again to the outside world..yes. some familiarity! its wonderful. Many Israeli speak a smattering of English and although difficult it's possible to understand somewhat what the other is needing or saying.
As it turns out the connection is too slow for skype and I'm unable to make a satisfactory call to my mom or sister..:-( very disappointing.

Anyway..stay tuned. I'll take lots of photos of the lovely Israel and our journey here this year, ..the food is delicious by the way. Sometimes the restaurant is such a surprise..the outside is questionable and you would easily pass by not realizing what you were missing inside.
Omelets with feta or goat cheese and black olives..salads of tomato and cucumber and vinigrette..brushetta with tapenades. Oddly, we've become huge fans of sushi..? yes, not very hebrew, we know. But there is a restaurant here that serves the best inside out rolls with spicy tuna and I have promised my husband I'll learn to make this~

It's going to be a busy year full of learning and adventure and in spite of being a wee bit homesick right now I truly am looking forward to all of it.. :-))