Good-bye our Lovely California..

Well, we are leaving the beautiful beautiful state of California and we'll miss it terribly. I know. I said the same thing when we left Boston did I not? But truly, Santa Barbara county is a place of beauty.. the green hills, the massive trees..the ocean, the glorious weather. It's a state that we would love to come back to when we're ready to settle down. yea..either here or Boston~ :-)

We spent Saturday afternoon at the El Capitan State park~

..so it's goodbye to California for now and Hello once again to Israel! We're thrilled to be sent back to the little country of Israel~ there are so many places we still need to see!
We were hurried on our trip to Jerusalem in September and promised each other that we'd come back and hike an area called the Mata Forest [forest of Peace]..there are some very sweet ruins there.

So, the next time I post we should be in Be'er Sheva, Israel..stay safe everyone!


Hot Rocks said...

I have always wanted to travel to that part of California. In my travels I have only made it to Northern California, just soouth of the Oregon border...which was beautiful too. You sdure are a world traveler! Safe travels to your next destination!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Thanks Susan..we didn't get a chance to see the northern part of the state. I wanted to get to San Fransisco for a bead show but..dang. can't do it all.
It's exciting and I try to share it all~ :-)