Forging a copper chain

Cold connections is the term used when you need to join a metal to a metal [or any object really] and are going to do that with out a torch. So no soldering. Rivets are a common join.. also, small hinges.. eyelets.. and of course, wire-wrapping is considered a cold join.

Very few tools are needed to make cold connections..thus the popularity I suspect. If you have a mallet, a steel block and a small drill you're pretty much set, to at least begin experimenting. Perfect. if you are..say, stuck in a small hotel room. I lack the small drill..I'll need that to make rivets and I'm wanting to make some rivets now..:-)

Hopefully any hammering that I'm doing is not bothering anyone around me. yikes..

I've cushioned it on a small leather pillow on the carpeted floor and really its not necessary to hammer too much. I'm not forging horse shoes after all. Anyway.. thankfully, there have been no complaints.
I made this the other day.. after a few links it reminded me of making paper chains in 3rd grade. Repetition makes for perfection? maybe..anyway. I like it..looks great on and paired up with other chains~

~very simple and fun to do~

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Melanie-Pearl said...

really rad. like it. lots.

especially the flat hammered parts. nice dimension.

Sweetwater Designs said...

<3 Melanie. thanks :-)