the beauty of Santa Barbara county

California. ohmy~

I love my Peace country in British Columbia, but I truly don't know that I've seen anything prettier than the country side here in Santa Barbara county..it knocks my socks off daily. Every morning I wake up to clear blue skies ~I think there have been maybe 3 or 4 days of rain total since we got here in early December..which may not bode well in the long range scheme of things..hopefully we will see the rainy season soon or it will be a very very dry summer.

Meanwhile its sweaters and flip flops and this girl from northern Canada is in bliss ..


Hot Rocks said...

So jealous! I would love to get there someday.

Sweetwater Designs said...

yes..its something to see and we're very lucky I know. It's definitely worth the visit..if you're a wine drinker there are wine tasting shops alllll over the place. But the other thing they grow lots of are olives and surprisingly, at least to me, there are oil tasting areas in shops as well. Have you ever tried lemon olive oil? so nice in dressings and even in place of the butter in recipes like lemon tarts etc.
anyway yes its lovely..:-)