Don't hate me...

because I'm enjoying the sun and sand in January. :-)

Believe me, I know how blessed I am~


Betty said...

I don't hate you, in fact, your video reminded me of when I lived on the coast of Texas (now inland)! Walks on the beach, shell and driftwood searching and the sound of the waves!

Thanks for adding me as a friend on Scoutle.

Love your glass beads, they are so gorgeous! Want to exchange links or blog subscriptions?

Grandma Betty

Melanie-Pearl said...

Oh, thanks for posting this! The beach is my favorite color palate.
Can hardly wait to see what you make from the inspiration. Enjoy CA! I have a vintage painting of the mission La Purisma near Santa Barbara but I've never visited in person. If you get there, too, snap some photos for me?

ps)Did you get my email? I sent it directly to the .ca address I used a couple years ago. let me know if i need to resend.

Sweetwater Designs said...

Absolutely Betty..I added you to my 'o the places to visit'

Melanie, my contact is


Hot Rocks said...

I am hating you a little bit!
(just kidding..its that "I need a hot vacation coz I am Canadian" thing!)
(still jealous)