attention deficit...

I need to stay somewhat focused today since I want to work on an order.. these x 5..but I like to net surf a bit during my breakfast. So while I was enjoying my morning meal of left over bread sticks from Domino's and [ahhh yes.] diet coke [Susan would be very disappointed in me..] I stumbled onto a tutorial site which led to another one and then one more and... and well, we all know how that goes ~ so forget about it.

I am in a billion different directions now.

I know Kanzashi flowers are probably old hat by now but I never did know how to do these..

taken from 'Thoughts from the Bus Stop'

and they have so many possibilities, don't they? We've all seen these in a little girls hair, on head bands and barrets, but smaller versions in jewelry applications would be fabulous...the use of fabrics and different materials would result in a different outcome every time.
Addictive no doubt.

of course they all need a lampworked glass center bead~

Instructables shows how to make these folded fabric flowers in step by step fashion with great photos..[I ♥ tutorials with great photos]

Then I came across this woman...what a kick. Mich L in L.A. She is my mother.

Not really...my mother lives in in Canada and her name is Barbara..but believe me the two would hit it off. I have always teased my mother that she would make something out of a tampon applicator if she could get away with it...she is of scottish descent and it pains her..literally pains her..to throw anything away.

Mich L in LA has that gene I think..

This bracelet is adorable....and probably self-explanatory [heavy wire ran through an old pair of jeans seam] My nieces would love one I'm sure.

but this little bracelet

was created with a rubber bath mat..

and this bangle

was made using this material

yes. the rubber tubing you can get for next to nothing at any hardware store... I love the idea.

Her blog led to this next site..or maybe it was the reverse..hmm I really need a cyber breadcrumb trail. Actually this may have been the place that started it all.

take a look

Crafty Pod

Make sure you look at the 'previous entries' link below those that are listed.

My mother has a few of these. She must have been on a roll that day..

Find the tutorial for this Yo-yo pincushion here

You see how I have got myself a little side-tracked today~ also I seem to be digging fabric. interesting..since I've not sewn anything since I was a young mommy and then it was simple..nighties and easy summer shifts.
I did make my 3 year old son a pair of hammer pants once..he was such a little hippie doll in them.

Remember MC hammer pants?

too funny.

okay.enough of this..I'm off to create magic. or at the very least off to get my materials out and decide on color and design.

Enjoy your day everyone
color something outside the lines!


Melanie-Pearl said...

Haha! Always searching for beauty in something new. Isn't that what drives to then go make something new with our spin on it?

...will we ever be satiated? i hope not. :)

Sweetwater Designs said...

true words Melanie..thanks for stopping by <3

lakesuperiorwaves said...

Omg I think that's one of the first bracelets I came across when beginning to be pulled into making jewelry! The Jean fabric one! I still love it!