Lampwork Bracelet...Blueberry Slate

I know as a serious jewelry designer one should pay close attention to the color of the season, but I confess to you..I usually don't. I like to design with the colors that stir me at the moment..

However, I was pointed to the Pantone colors the other day by these ladies (who never fail to inspire and lift me, by the way) and I noticed that the colors I've been working with are the precise colors that are being selected as the palette for Spring/Summer 2011.
So the question is, was I unconciously being influenced/inspired...or is it simply an example of serendipitous conincidence?

This bracelet is available on Etsy.. chunky bold organic ..no one else will be wearing one like it...AND in the colors of the upcoming season~

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Melanie-Pearl said...

very pretty! keep doing what you love and seredipity will always find you.