We went for a drive yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather before all of the leaves have fallen~ there were so many lovely old Bostonian homes dressed for Hallowe'en that I thought I'd share a couple of them with you.

Stay safe tonight all of you ghosties and goblins~


Be'er Sheva from our hotel window..that pinkish hue that you see on the horizon is the color of the ever present desert sand in the air. Surprisingly you do not feel this on your skin or in your eyes.

It is good-bye to Israel for a period of time. I have thoroughly enjoyed every experience here...it is an interesting little country and the people are as unique as Israel.
The flight from Tel Aviv to Atlanta in the US is 13 hours in the air...that is at least 10 hours of misery I have to say...there is just not enough room for your limbs and yes, all that you've heard about airline food is the truth. It is not to be consumed~
Somewhere over the Atlantic I managed to pretzel my body into a modicum of comfort..shift my foot slightly, tilt my neck at just the right angle...and blissfully, lost consciousness for a *sigh* much too brief period of time.
We took a connecting flight from Atlanta to Boston and 15 hours later we are here. Make that 15 hours of fly time ...add to that the time it takes for security and customs checks, our travel time was almost 26 hours. Yes, traveling has become a test of patience and endurance skills.

We were was most thrilled to get to our hotel by the next day.

The city of Boston is exciting looking...easy on the eyes and promises much to see and do.

I will keep you all in my pocket.. and if you are in Canada a most Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to you.. have some turkey for me.

White meat ~hold the cranberries.


A taste of Old Jerusalem from the top of Mount Zion..we will be back with hiking shoes on and I will get some knarly old olive tree shots. The history, the stones, the trees..all of it, is quite something and I am not nearly portraying it adequately here.

We will be back.