was it something I said?

This has been a day of process not progress..

Earlier I gathered up 3 like beads to string simply onto a cord for my husbands neck. I knotted the beads into the center and pulled taut. ...snap. This would be fine. Very simple to re-do, but it was my last 2 feet of cord~
I left it and moved indoors to write up a blog post.. wracked my wee brain for something of value or at least something of hopeful interest. After some time I had a paragraph...a small paragraph, but an entire paragraph nonetheless, extolling the virtues of music. Music and creativity actually... but somewhere in the edit html block I edited erroneously and lost half of what I'd written. I decided to re-write on that subject another day since I've temporarily lost interest. Have I mentioned my ADD tendencies?

I moved back onto the balcony and began to construct a bracelet. I was nearing the end and held it up to check the sizing. Never do this if you have not crimped one end by the way~
There are some very pretty and teeny tiny findings, seed beads and glass beads strewn on my balcony floor right now. Would've been a lovely bracelet. Indeedy.

An ice cold lemonade is sounding mighty fine right now~

Hope your day is going well.


BeadedTail said...

I sure hope your day got better! I've had those days and yes, ice cold lemonade or even chocolate do help!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Thanks for popping in ♥
oh yeah, chocolate is the Grand Poobah when it comes to fixing things~ especially the dark stuff.

Anonymous said...

This post makes me laugh, cry, and sigh of the mention of chocolate! I can so relate to your story AND experience. Nice read!