apparently my muse lives in Maryland...

Posting to let you all know that yes, I am very much alive.

Alive and enjoying a new husband and a new country. For the moment, we are in southern Maryland, USA and it is heaven.. Every morsel of it is delicious, and I am drinking it all up~ the man, the land, the sun ~all of it.
I can feel my creative juices stirring, like sunlight creeping into a darkened room~ I have found a small gallery gift shop near where we are staying..
here actually on Solomons Island.

The shop manager is eager to see my work and I am eager to show her.

I had to leave my glass behind in Canada until the Spring, so it will be a few more months before my torching studio can be up and I am able to melt new glass. Until then I have more than enough beads and materials to create many new pieces.

Not to mention an abundance of creative muse..

The muses are everywhere here in Maryland..the air dances ♫ with cOloR and mUSic and joY~ it's sure ♫ to inject some sparks into my designs~

ahhh yes ..Life is very very good.


Duni said...

Deborah! Gosh, it's been a looong time. I am so glad to hear you're well, feeling alive and getting those 'creative juices' going.
LOVE the photos and how you styled your jewelry.
And thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. Very much appreciated ♥

Sweetwater Designs said...

Hello Miss Duni..it's good to 'see' you too. :-) I've been very busy. Divorced, remarried and relocated. It's time now to get back in the saddle, so to speak and I'm doing that. Will have some things back up in my Etsy before the end of August~ thanks for the continued support Duni. You're a star~♥