Using music to spark creativity♫

Music is the finest way I know to change mood on a dime. Music will recall a memory for you so completely sometimes it's as though you are there once again. Music stirs the soul. ..Music will spark creative thoughts~

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way"
Here is a challenge for any of you who are reading this and looking for ways to raise your creativity level today.
Put something completely different on your sound system and pump it up a notch..music that is foreign and unique to you. Play it while you think and create and I can promise you that it will show in your work today.
You will use color in a different way, you will view your materials differently and you will add elements in ways you never thought of before. You will find a new rhythm.

It truly is the quickest way out of the box. It is the most joyful way to color outside the lines.

"What is best about music is not to be found in the notes." ~so says Gustav Mahler

I'll leave you with a few links, but what is new and exciting for one is not to another, so please feel free to add your own links to music suggestions so that we can all be listening to some new sounds today~

! enjoy your day!


was it something I said?

This has been a day of process not progress..

Earlier I gathered up 3 like beads to string simply onto a cord for my husbands neck. I knotted the beads into the center and pulled taut. ...snap. This would be fine. Very simple to re-do, but it was my last 2 feet of cord~
I left it and moved indoors to write up a blog post.. wracked my wee brain for something of value or at least something of hopeful interest. After some time I had a paragraph...a small paragraph, but an entire paragraph nonetheless, extolling the virtues of music. Music and creativity actually... but somewhere in the edit html block I edited erroneously and lost half of what I'd written. I decided to re-write on that subject another day since I've temporarily lost interest. Have I mentioned my ADD tendencies?

I moved back onto the balcony and began to construct a bracelet. I was nearing the end and held it up to check the sizing. Never do this if you have not crimped one end by the way~
There are some very pretty and teeny tiny findings, seed beads and glass beads strewn on my balcony floor right now. Would've been a lovely bracelet. Indeedy.

An ice cold lemonade is sounding mighty fine right now~

Hope your day is going well.


apparently my muse lives in Maryland...

Posting to let you all know that yes, I am very much alive.

Alive and enjoying a new husband and a new country. For the moment, we are in southern Maryland, USA and it is heaven.. Every morsel of it is delicious, and I am drinking it all up~ the man, the land, the sun ~all of it.
I can feel my creative juices stirring, like sunlight creeping into a darkened room~ I have found a small gallery gift shop near where we are staying..
here actually on Solomons Island.

The shop manager is eager to see my work and I am eager to show her.

I had to leave my glass behind in Canada until the Spring, so it will be a few more months before my torching studio can be up and I am able to melt new glass. Until then I have more than enough beads and materials to create many new pieces.

Not to mention an abundance of creative muse..

The muses are everywhere here in Maryland..the air dances ♫ with cOloR and mUSic and joY~ it's sure ♫ to inject some sparks into my designs~

ahhh yes ..Life is very very good.