Speed Linking today...

A smorgasbord of great posts for you to nibble at on this glorious lazy Sunday.

Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver

A small clip from the Hermitage to tantalize and engage:

"Welcome Travelers. If your feet are weary, be cheered, for your road is nearing it's end. Follow the sign to the Hermitage. A phantasmagoria of fancy..."

Notes from the voodoo cafe....creativity 'personified'

some great photogs found here..Lettuce eating

A Study in Contrasts

Turkish Knitting blog

An excerpt from "Imagine the North" :

"It's a photoblog. I take photos with my phone. I send them to my blog. They appear. You look at them. You leave rude comments. It's almost a relationship."

Hopefully your Sunday is a laze around relaxing day ~ I'm off to work...enjoy it whatever you may be doing!