Canadian snowboys

Too small to be a full grown snowman, these little guys are just the right size to dangle on your cell phone, your car mirror or simply add to a plethora of other charms and wear as a pendant. Each measure roughly 4.5-5 cm (including the brass or sterling wire) and are dressed in warm winter attire.. matching toque and scarf.

These boys tend to sell fairly fast in real life so I don't take photos of all.

While yours may not be the one photographed here please be assured that the boy that is sent to your home will be just as sweet..:)


Lampworked set of glass beads..

This set of 5 rounds and 1 squeezed cylinder pendant was created with moretti pale gray glass, splashed with warm rosy pinks and corals. The pendant was wrapped with a skinny avacado shard and decorated with a delicate daisy vine...is there such thing? daisy vines~ hmmm.

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As I mentioned I've been on a rather forced sabbatical from the glass for at least 3 months now. I've been looking at some work from the past that I enjoyed making..especially sharded beads. Love blowing the shards and watching the flow and join of glass and color to create one...and I'm feeling the stirrings of love again. ~whew~

I did make some wee little snowboys the other day..no pics yet though. (the one in the image is from last year) I've got one tiny one dangling from my cel as we speak.
I plan on having enough of those finished to fulfill a gallery shop order and have one or two up on Etsy by next week end. Promise.


!Contest results!

Thank you all for your kind words and for your participation on my blog...you all are some very fine peeps out there. :)

The names were submitted to random.org and here are the results...Congrats Miss Melanie-pearl. :) email me your address at imake(at)handmadeglassbeads(dot)ca and I will have your bead on its way to your house as soon as I hear from you.

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