Dryad series...tree beads~

I do love trees..scrawny skinny trees, massive glorious wise trees. They're all beautiful~
I've started sculpting them on beads and because I've got a few of them now, I'm calling it a series.
Pendants depicting trees and foilage~ created with sage and copper greens and wired in black iron to complete the organic feel. Strung onto hand dyed silk ribbon in shades of fawn.
Number in the series is indicated on the accompanying card and the first is available now in the Etsy shop..~ called the 'Dryad Series'

hear the distant thrum of tree nymphs
haunting sultry summer skies
spilling untold ancient secrets

songbirds in disguise.


Valerie said...

those beads are exquisite! So complex, but really natural feeling.

Duni said...

Trees are fascinating.
Your interpretation on the beads is stunning!

NICO Designs said...

Beautifully done and artful. I like how you tied in the gorgeous photo with this series.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE those beads!

Sweetwater Designs said...

♥ thank you ladies! ♥

belvedere beads said...

your beads, and your photos of them, are so elegant. i just wandered into you your blog and it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful work!! Your beads are exquisite!
All the best ~ Sharon

Melanie-Pearl said...

this bead is amazing. wow!

Mary said...
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