the beauty of words~

...a spark, kindled by thought
Set fire to memory; thus it was that poetry,
Longing and imagination came together
Gifting me a kind of liberty.

Copyright: Rani Turton


Elite Blog Artist Award...

and thank you very much! from the creative Duni at Lovely Purses.

I love her bags ♥ Colorful happy bags...go visit her shop and see for yourself

Passing the award along to some of my favorite stops in the cyber world:

the Many Roles of Mom

Candles and Ghosts

Superb artists!..

Enjoy your week!!


Dryad series...tree beads~

I do love trees..scrawny skinny trees, massive glorious wise trees. They're all beautiful~
I've started sculpting them on beads and because I've got a few of them now, I'm calling it a series.
Pendants depicting trees and foilage~ created with sage and copper greens and wired in black iron to complete the organic feel. Strung onto hand dyed silk ribbon in shades of fawn.
Number in the series is indicated on the accompanying card and the first is available now in the Etsy shop..~ called the 'Dryad Series'

hear the distant thrum of tree nymphs
haunting sultry summer skies
spilling untold ancient secrets

songbirds in disguise.