Choice suppliers ..

Highlighting a few of my favorite suppliers for your perusal this fine sunny morning..
Each of these has been a good experience for me and come straight from my list of choice sellers. Enjoy..

Cahootz ribbons..I've always only purchased the ribbon but I see she's also selling some mighty fine looking head pins there. The ribbon is ultra fine quality..I loved the colors I ordered and was super happy with her.

I ordered a small leather wristlet for my Mom from this gal in Victoria, BC quite some time ago. The customer service was knock out but the wristlet was so well made and Mom loves it to this day..Hollyhawk is the name of the company. I think I'm in love with this leather card case now..
This seller is on the bay..Flat Earth Trading Company. I bought a wooden bust from him for jewelry display and like it alot. Service was superb. They're in Arizona.
hmm, those would look great with some of my bracelets and necklaces hanging from them...

Another lady with a fun shop that provides good service and product is Charlene Anderson-Purveyor of all Things Creative.
I ordered tools from her but she's got lots to look at..this handy tool caught my attention this morning~ stainless steel mandrels that give you loops from 1.5-10mm:

I had to borrow Mom's #9 knitting needle to make a component for my bracelet the other day..those tools would've come in handy.

I've got way too many favorite glass suppliers to mention but one of the choice suppliers in Canada has to be the Lauscha Lady
The glass is clean, well wrapped and she uses paper to cushion (not styro peanuts) Service is quick and orders are always exactly as ordered..Love her.
Just a sampling...I'm a big online shopper so stay tuned ~ I will be adding more in a couple of months!


Anonymous said...

what a great post.. just for me! hehe love finding new suppliers to inspire me!! :D thanks hun! btw.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that card holder!!!!

Lenox Knits said...

I love suppliers and you've listed some great ones. I really love those hands.

Hot Rocks said...

Love those hands!

Over The Top Aprons said...

I have visited your blog often but do not know just how often I have left a comment. I love how beautiful your banner is; very classy. Your work is lovely and thanks for all the sharing of information.

Sweetwater Designs said...

well..that just made my day :)Thank you over the top ♥