Look what I found at ArtFire Today..

I was up very early this morning and so finally took some time to actually look through ArtFire, one of the latest selling venues for handcrafted.
When you've some time I would encourage you to go and slow browse through ArtFire yourself. Personally, I was enthralled with the web elements.. likely because my Sweetwater Designs site could use an overhaul, and I'm realizing that sometimes you have to leave it to the bigboys/girls.
Anyway~be sure to grab your tea or coffee because you'll be there a while..

Home Brewed Environmentally Friendly Black Walnut Ink ~ Wise Plants

Assorted Animal Print Cupcake Liners~ Cupcake Social

Custom Blog and one year domain hosting ~ IceBerg Hosting

Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel ~ Stitch Cleveland is Spinning

Red Sponge Coral cubes ~ Mia Bella Collection

Recycled Steel Firepit ~ John T Unger Studio

Tussah silk for soap making ~ TOG Soap Mold & Soap Tools


Anonymous said...

will have to check that out! :)

Julie said...

Wonderful finds! I love them all! :) Thanks so much for including my walnut ink!

Mytutorlist.com said...

Wow, great finds. I'll have to stop by Art Fire sometime too.