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(too lazy to fix that run on sentence ~ ha!)
I'll start ~
my day is sunny..yes! I have a hair appointment and I noticed we're out of milk this morning as I fixed my bowl of cereal ~so grocery shopping is on the agenda. The afternoon is clear for putting together jewelry and dinner is out tonight so I plan on having a lovely day ~what about u?


Wired Lampwork earrings

I love this new glass I bought from Bedrock Supply while I was in Edmonton on the weekend..it's an odd lot. Juicy brilliant color ~Poppy, I think..anyway, truly lovely stuff.


How much influence do the color trends have on your work?

I try very hard to control my ADHD-ish tendencies but I'm a little crazy in the studio as far as picking colors up on a whim. This week I'm going to go against my nature (hmm..could that really be a good thing??) and be diligent with my sketch book as well as researching out some color trends before I begin any work.
To that end, the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2009 has a site that is inspiring, maybe influencing? and just plain interesting to check in on every so often. The Spring season palette is dripping with brilliant fuchsia, sunny yellow and a mouth watering lime that they're calling 'Dark Citron', great name~ and while those shades are not normally my comfort zone (to work in that is..Love to gaze at them) there is also a range of neutrals that calm my soul.

and o..
No yellow for me thank you very much. A little of that goes a long way in my book.

The upcoming fall/winter season color prediction is as expected, much more subdued ..
" A dark, shady range in a variety of inky tones. Touches of color electrify the palette. And to tone it all down: white and taupy or grayed shades." - Cosmoworlds

Personally, I really like the influence of metals that I'm seeing..works wonderfully with the metal clays that I want to get into more.

At any rate, this week I'm going to work differently.. I may even pull out some sunny school bus yellow.

uh..maybe we'll see about that one..


Creativity funks..do we need them?

I guess I think maybe we do..or at least maybe they have some worth.
To recharge and see with fresh eyes can really only be done after somewhat of a break. Either a planned break or simply a lack of ideas break, either way it's a rest from creative flow.

I had a lovely break this past weekend...no pressure now!

(I did buy myself some new glass though...)

An apology to the lovely Sand and Sea Designs ~she makes beautiful things...like this.

Don't you just feel like breaking out the tanning lotion?

She was sweet enough to bestow this award upon me ~a few days ago. :-o

as undeserving as I am of any sort of blog award right now.

Thank you for that Wendy!! ♥