Drum roll please...

The first name drawn out of the bowl was Hot Rocks and the second was Laane, so congrats to both of you and a big thank you to you and all who participated. There are enough mouth watering color combinations there to stir up any ones creative block~
On a side note I've been experiencing some computer problems so please bear with me..especially those of you from entrecard. I'm doing my best to drop but I truely appreciate those of you who are dropping on me without a reciprocal drop...hopefully things will be on track within a day or two!


Mytutorlist.com said...

Yaay! Congrats to all!

Hot Rocks said...

OMG...I never win anything, but this time I did!!!! I am thrilled beyond belief, new beads and from such a talented artist! THANK YOU, this is awesome! I will certainly put them to good use.

Hot Rocks said...

hi, I got your email, but I cannot seem to send you back a reply, it comes back to me unable to deliver mail. Can you send me it again, maybe there is a small typo?

Laane said...


Oh, I was so surpised!

Thank you so very much.

I mailed with yahoo and it didn't work. Tried Gmail.

I couldn't prevent blogging about it:

Thanks a lot!!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Thank you for the link Laane!