6 x 6 games

Tagged by the lovely seamstress Nicole of NicoDesigns (check out her awesome handbags...Love this one!) to play the 6 x 6 game ...

The rules are:
1.post the 6th photo in your 6th folder.
2. tag six more peeps to play.

My sixth folder contains family photos and this one was taken this Christmas of my two beautiful girls. My daughter and her daughter..

Now, I wonder what these crafty ladies have in their folders....(they're under no obligation to play, of course..:))

Simply Shiny
Fit, Fabulous and Forty
My Art and the Mom in Me
Broken Teepee
Spotted Cow Soaps

Go ~take a look!


Latest on the 'Bay..

My studio is most always in ordered disarray..(I say 'ordered' because I do know where everything is) There's not a lot of clean counter top showing in my work area, but rather an assortment of various glass rods and stubs along with tools and, since it is in the laundry room, sometimes even the odd sock.
Yesterday, for some silly reason, it became overwhelming.

I cleaned away all of the used glass rods that spill onto the work area and then pulled out only shades of amber.
I love amber..rich dulcet honey hued amber ~ there's something sexy about the color.. I added a rod of ivory and a skinny rod of Beautiful translucent golden Reichenbach for high light and texture. The result is 'Tiger Bite'...a large set of 29 encased tiger striped glass beads.

Now to actually organize all of those half rods and stubs of glass I cleared away...


Pulling it all Together..

For me the fun of this business I'm in is in the glass... creating a tiny work of art (hopefully!) from raw glass and a flame always sets my little heart aflutter. But, I'd be drowning in a million glassy orbs if I didn't string them together every so often and make something to wear.

Therein lies a whole other pleasure...different, but very pleasurable all the same.

Gathering elements together that are cohesive and play off of one another in different and unique ways ~ that is the labor of good design.

I like an unexpected mix of materials ~ the metals especially, like oxidized silver and copper..I do love that.
Personally I've never liked gold with any other metal, but that's just me..I know that there are some beautiful designs out there that work wonderfully. I've just not found it to be true for me.
I also like to mix the humble little seed bead with the more expensive components like freshwater pearls. I love the tiny Czech beads..oh the colors!

Complete symmetry bores me to tears so I usually do try to stir things up a bit while maintaining a balance of elements in other ways...color or texture for example.

That said, I did craft this completely symmetrical bracelet some time ago. It's saving grace was the focal bead...great reaction with the glasses used.

Usually, what comes out of my work room is a little more asymmetrical..I like the unexpectedness of the design. Its like humming with a song you've never heard before..if you can hum along smoothly that may be relaxing to some..to others monotonous. It's the same with design.

Harmonious designs are key. Whether are not you choose to mirror your materials on both sides of your focal it's important to keep the design balanced.

If you need some reminders about it all there's some good stuff here on basic design principals and good composition.

I'm not by any stretch saying that the above images are the epitome of good design ~it's all a delightful learning process and I learn as I go. These are some of the things that I've made in the past that were generally pleasing to my eye and hopefully to a few others as well..

Of course it goes without saying, but I'm feeling the need anyway... Enjoying yourself is a key ingredient to the creative process.

Have fun!



A few of my favorite Etsy things..

Star of the East - Special white earrings

This artist lives in Turkey and has collected sea urchins during her many walks on the beaches there. She sure makes beautiful use of them!

Irregular Expressions - Saga ~ freeform crochet necklace

A family shop in Istanbul with the beautiful creations made by the mother and the daughter and son helping her with the shop details.
Be sure to click on the image to see the close up detail..truly a work of art.

V Silcox Designs- Spike Coffee Mug

Lively hand painted glass pieces full of movement and light~ I had a hard time choosing which one of the wonderful works of art to highlight .

Dinglewear - Wrist Cuff

Just one of the many cuffs in this artisans Etsy shop. Many of her cuffs are constructed of leather, but this one is fun and sweet and comfy looking, don't you think?


Cracking the whip..

Ironically, the greatest difficulty in being self-employed is being your own boss.

My life is full of many distractions..as all of yours are as well, I'm sure, and I've often thought I would get so much more accomplished if I rented out a studio space and left my home for a few hours a day to work head down in a room that housed nothing but my glass and a torch.

So how do you make yourself pull up your socks and get to work when there's no one to answer to but yourself?


Drum roll please...

The first name drawn out of the bowl was Hot Rocks and the second was Laane, so congrats to both of you and a big thank you to you and all who participated. There are enough mouth watering color combinations there to stir up any ones creative block~
On a side note I've been experiencing some computer problems so please bear with me..especially those of you from entrecard. I'm doing my best to drop but I truely appreciate those of you who are dropping on me without a reciprocal drop...hopefully things will be on track within a day or two!