The lure of odd lots..

'Takada' ~ Set of 14 rounds
starting at 35.00..click here
These little beads were a joy to make..all from rods of an odd lot of glass called 'swamp moss', all but the 4 encased that is.

It's always exciting when glass manufacturers announce a new odd lot of glass. As the story goes, odd lot rods are pulled from a batch of glass that was created when the original recipe was deviated from in some small way, sometimes by accident..( maybe someone didn't clean the cruible out properly before the ingredients for the next batch went in) but more than likely there's some marketing intent, since the odd lots are snatched up quite rabidly by most glass workers.
Some hang on to the rods and wait patiently until all glass is out of production and then sell to the highest bidder. I only buy what appeals to me and oddly enough it is this strange sage-y ochre that appealed to my senses~ I have heard some glass workers calling this..*gasp* 'babypoo' green!~ but I love it. It's an earthy, organic color and really lovely with blues and greens and even lovlier with the vibrant purples.
It's true.. beauty is the in eye of the beholder..


Anonymous said...

you can call it whatever you like.. i love it! lol ;)

Sweetwater Designs said...

:D thanks Tracie!

Duni said...

I've never heard the expression 'odd lot' - now I know. Thanks for explaining!
btw, I like the mossy green colour..it's the same I used for one of my newest bags.

Hot Rocks said...

I like those shades..nice and earthy and neutral.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I love the colors, something soothing about the earthy tones:)

Tomas Karkalas said...

This is ... I love that. While I totally agree with you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder..I want to add that your works fill the hearts of all with the incredible love that radiates through your works - your approach towards what was just the dead matter prior your touch. Thank you.

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