Resolving and setting goals and all that jazz

I don't want to say it too loud, because the 'c' word (c-o-m-m-i-t-m-e-n-t) scares me,
but I plan on keeping a ridiculously strict month by month list of what I want to accomplish this year.
Discipline ~ another scary word. Lack of..is my problem.

Why am I speaking like Yoda? Hmm..maybe I should consider some English classes as well.

Mind over Matter has some very interesting things to say about disciplining and bringing about changes in yourself. I especially liked tip #5...

“Change what you are doing with your body to change the reaction of your mind. When your mental state is inappropriate, then scan your body. Notice what you are doing with your body. If there is tension, relax that area. If your posture is bad, straighten up. Also notice your breathing. Take regular deep breaths and you can literally change your state. As an exercise, try imitating people’s walking. Notice what it feels like to walk in another person’s shoes. This will convince you how important it is to change what you do with your body to change your mental states.”

Isn't that interesting?

"Named your fear must be before banish it you can." ~Yoda


still a little nippy out..

This is the chilly view out behind our place. Doesn't that look bitter?!
It's still very cold here in my part of the country...-28 or so..frostbite will get your ears if you don't have them covered out in that kind of cold.
I wish I could stay in front of my torch today but I have things I have to do ~ so I guess I'm wearing my sexy long johns..

Hope you're all staying warm!


Special on 'odds' ~handmade glass beads

I've put some strands of some of my odd beads together, and by 'odd' I mean they've been left over from a project or set~ and am offering them up here on my web log for a special price.

These are first come first serve.
I think what I've matched up in a strand would make some wonderful projects with some of your own added ingredients..
Just one for now..more to follow:
Paypal only for now.

Strand A ~ Mix and Match beautiful warm colorings of rootbeer ambers, encased coral and mauve prints and plains. There are 3 lentil shapes measuring 18mm with smallest of these beads at 8 x5mm. This entire strand of beads is 9.5 cm.

Sold~ Thank you!


An Etsy 'Drive By'

My car is frozen and refuses to move and my toes haven't truly warmed up in 3 days. The weather channel says it's -38 today~ when oh when is this icy weather going to end!?
I've got some treasures for you this morning so go get yourself a nice hot cup of tea to wrap your hands around and come take a look. This is a quick Etsy drive by...featuring some new artisans who've just opened their shops.
I love peeking in brand spanking new shops..

'Player Man' by

wool empire waist beatnik dress by
Magpie and Birdie

pocket mirror by
Fatal Sweets

'Guitar Player' by

'Celeste' by

Five very talented souls, maybe one or two made it to your favorites.
I'm off to coax my poor baby to life so I can go and finish up my Christmas shopping, then I swear I'm DONE!!..
Happy Holidays everyone!


Cool blog award - who me?

Susan of Hot Rocks Glass Jewels ~ creator of this seriously sweet piece of bling,

sent me this award

I'm tickled pink.

I've got a few blogs in mind that I'd love to pass this on to. Go, take a look at their sites and see if you agree!

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Wordless Wednesday - Jasper, Alberta

Shot out the car window on last summers road trip ~ sorry, it's so hard to be wordless..


Manic Monday

I've been away for a couple of relaxing and joyous days..Bliss. Now Monday is in my face and I have to pay the piper. I've got a boatload of laundry and sink full of dirty dishes. On the upside the beads that were in the kiln when I left are lovely and I plan on continuing the set later this afternoon. Unless of course, the glass has other plans. I'll let you know how it goes.
At any rate, enjoy your day! I'm off to do my wifey chores..