Pattern and Color

I've always seen things differently than most, I think. Sometimes something as simple as a random pattern on a plate or as mundane as the skyline holds my attention for a ridiculous amount of time. Skylines are mesmerizing, you have to admit it, especially just as the sun's gone down. It has to do with simple shapes I think.
There are a few ways to keep the Muse content and working for you ...
These are just a few shots that have landed in my over stuffed file folder lately.


Deb said...

Fabulous inspirational photo's Deborah!
Sounds like we are a lot alike - simple shapes & colours hold a huge amount of fascination for me as well.

You're right about skylines - & they can be interpreted in so very many ways!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Hi Deb..I just read your profile. Are you sure we're not related!? :-D I'm also a cancer by the way.
Thanks for stopping by ♥