Hello Etsy..I've missed you ♥

I love September. I love the cooling off and the beautiful colors..almost as much as I love the warming up and the crisp green in the Spring..I guess what I love is a change. As much as I enjoy the lazy days of summer by the time September gets here I'm ready to dust myself off and get back to work. On that note my little shop on Etsy is back in business and I'm working hard to get some beauty shots of all the little beadies done and up on site. I'm going to try and be very good about keeping a fresh supply up...we'll see how that goes!


Glory Glass

This is probably one of the most glamorous set of beads I've made in some time. Full of dichroic glass and bits of palladium leaf ( a precious metal that can burn bronze and pink in the flame) and then encased to enhance the little fiery lights within. I'm in love with them..they would make a superb one of a kind bracelet..and then some. Especially with copper components.
The beads are up for auction right now until August 22nd. Just click on the image to visit the site. Enjoy your week all!..and be sure to soak up all the sunny rays you can handle.
I saw a yellow leaf yesterday.


Nothing to do

It's hot today. Almost, but not quite, unbearably so. The hair at the back of my neck is damp and beyond help... curly hair can be so contemptuous in the heat. I can't seem to find anything comfortable to wear. Naked would be good. Not so great for the neighbors maybe, but lovely for me. It threatened to storm last night but nothing happened. Lot's of noise and lights but no rain. Even with my funny grand kids doing what could only be called a ritualistic rain dance in the driveway. They were excited by the lightning and thunder.
I should continue a set of flameworked beads I started yesterday, but that would be craziness. I promised Ger this morning that I'd get some downtown chores done, but that requires energy..and clothes that match. There's also a hopeful laundry basket spilling over in front of my washer.
Do you remember when you were eight telling your Mom on a long summer day that there was NOTHING to do ~and actually being upset by the fact?
I think I'm going to lay in front of my fan, find something mindless to watch on tv and pretend I have nothing to do.
Bonbon anyone? Enjoy your day!