Back in the saddle...

so to speak. :) Whew!... we are moved into our new place and have been for a few days now. That was a lot! of work. I'm pretty sure there's at least one more move in our future and I plan on hunting down some pros to do it for us..that would just about be worth any dollar amount, don't you think!?
But I do have my work room set up !woohoo! We're just waiting on some part to arrive in order to finish off the ventilation system, and there is quite a bit more paraphernalia to figure out where to put. (this place is somewhat smaller than our last home) ..but my glass is organized and my torch is ready to fire up. I'm good to go.
In fact, I was itching to check out new room vibes very early this morning and have a set cooking in the kiln as we speak. I'm so happy to be melting glass again and I ♥ Hope all is well with you!


Mytutorlist.com said...

Congrats on your new move! I hope you are loving your new place and new studio space!

I look forward to lots of wonderful new work coming out from the new studio!


Sweetwater Designs said...

Oh thanks Marie...You're awesome. Thanks for the continued support of my wee blog. I'm beginning to think no one reads it! ♥
..and its proving difficult to move past this creative block, but I will.

PG said...

Oooh, lovely new workspace! How inspiring! (I read you too...)