Little pleasures..

We've got eleven years worth of house contents in various stages of movement all over the house...you know, closet contents waiting for me to go through, books to be sorted, clothes to be packed and stored...a gajillion items that I don't know where they came from or where they should go. How did I get so much STUFF? and does it really need to follow me to a new home. That's the question. Would anyone miss me if I just headed out the back door and went for a ver-r-ry long walk...another good question. I need a dose of silliness today. My grand kids, and they are by the way...are here with us in this jumble and I'm so glad for the bits of joy. I mean, really, Look at that face. When was the last time you ate your peanut butter and jelly toast with that much unadulterated glee?!
Enjoy your day today..I've got some sorting and weeding to do.


Where's my toothbrush...??

We are making a move and my house is in utter and complete chaos..I know where nothing is! so if I am posting sporadically that would be the reason. I'm just going to pop on here long enough to show you what has come out of kiln the last couple of days. I'm putting off packing my studio up until the last minute...what a job that's going to be...:(
The first set is a personal favorite and is ending on ebay very shortly while the last one is brand new and will be on auction until the 12th..

As always click on the images in order to visit Ebays site.. Enjoy your week!