Sweeping out the studio

I cleaned house in the studio yesterday. It was time...the beads were beginning to take over my work desk. Normally, I use most of my left overs and odd man out ( of other older sets) to use in my own designs but there was definitely an abundance of glass that needed weeding. So weed, I did. I took their beauty shots and put them up on Ebay, if you'd like to take a peek at that auction click on the image.
Have you seen those commercials for the odd little vacuum cleaner that will clean your room while you read or watch tv? Wouldn't it be lovely to go one step further and and have a ...hmmm, I suppose it would have to be a robotic arm..that organized and cleaned and did all those menial daily tasks leaving you to do only those things you enjoyed doing? I suppose that would be like eating your favorite food every day. Eventually you'd be craving mashed potatoes and wishing the damned arm would rest so that you could do your dishes..or something like that. :) At any rate, enjoy your day today...there's a pile of laundry waiting for me!


Aslan must be somewhere nearby..

We wait an interminably long time for Spring to arrive here in northern Canada and the older I get it seems the longer the wait becomes. Then, as if by some switch of a button it becomes the scene from the children s novel, 'The Chronicles of Narnia' where the Lion returns to the land of frozen ice and life and color are magically injected into every living thing.
Just like that, it turns green overnight here. That really lovely brilliant new green with more yellow than blue in it that only lasts for a short week, if that.
My garden is sprouting once again..mostly weeds unfortunately. But I see the peony is back and I can't wait to see how many blooms will be on it this year. I planted a small vine of some sort when we first moved into this house 11 years ago, I wish I could remember what it was because it grew like a well tended weed. Some sort of hop. I think there are several varieties.. the little wrens love the seed pods. Each year it rises like a Phoenix out of the frozen dead ground and begins its trek across the slats of my deck rails and wondrously outdoes itself each growing season. How does it do that?! ~ I'm easily amazed these days.


..and when I'm not melting glass...

I'm promoting it! In the process of building up my little business I've built a site in Front Page ( a couple of times..you'd think I'd know more!) and created hundreds..it certainly seems like it..of e-bay auctions. Like most of us, I've taught myself just enough html code to sneak by, relying heavily on other's experiences, of course. There are always a few generous souls out there to share the love. Here are one or two good sites that have landed in my bookmarks..
Lots of really good information in those pages...Be careful, you may find yourself chained to your computer desk long beyond what you planned...ask me how I know this!

I've also collected a few backgrounds taken from some of my bead photos. If you'd like to scoop one or all..feel free.
Sweetwater Designs ~background images
Although once you see how easy these
seamless backgrounds are to make you're going to want to make your own to customize your own site. The following instructions are for Photoshop, but I'm sure if you've become familiar with your own imaging software you'll find your way.
Start by selecting the part of your macro shot that will make a good background and crop (always a good idea to be working on a duplicate image) to 200x200 px. Go to filters/Other/Offset. Set both the horizontal and vertical to read 100 (half of your original dimensions) and select Wrap Around. You now have a square that has been turned with the outsides to the inside if that makes sense..you'll have 4 images within your image. You want to eliminate those lines as best as you can using irregular strokes with the eraser, the clone tool or the smudge tool. When you've done this, turn the tile right side out again by repeating the offset command. Sometimes there are still lines you'll need to smudge out. Flatten your image (this command is found in Layers) and re-size to the desired background size. See? Very easy...I leave mine at 200x200 for border purposes but play with this to find what is going to work for you. Operative word here is PLAY...have fun! ♥


it's May?

It's a blustery bitter grey day and not at all the way May should look today but here we are ~the 1st day of May.
Happy May day to all of you!