Creative Flotsam..

Lately I've been busy trying to teach myself some metalworking skills and slowly but surely my studio is beginning to suffer. Glass and glass paraphernalia is merging and converging with metal and my newly found metalworking tools.
I need more roommm...arrghh!
Just to give you some idea of my puny efforts in the past..note the plastic drawers, small cupboard and lovely wire shelving... I snapped this photo for you to critique. Oddly, except for that unfortunate mishmash of glass on my workspace it seems to be semi-organized. Not so~ I'm sure I've whined about my lack of organizational skills several times here on my blog already. Every once in a while out of utter desperation, I'll google up some help and for a few brief shining moments I'll manage to have a picture perfect studio.
Any simple ideas from you more organized souls out there on how to establish a flow in your workspace?
Please, please share them! I've got some pegboard upstairs in the kitchen, hopeful and pensive, waiting to be attached to the wall down here. That may be just the thing I need...
I'll let you know how the overhaul goes! Any ideas that you may have would be superb!
Meanwhile, take a gander at this glass that came out of my kiln this morning. They're dancing on the Bay as we speak...enjoy your week!


Consider yourself 'tagged'

Here I am, awake once more at 3:00 in the am.. In my quest for sleep I've been blog surfing and ran across this posted challenge to answer and pass on, thank you Laurie Eller. So here it is:

Two nicknames I've gone by:
Only one actually and that was for a very short lived period in my early teens..'Smiley'.. Apparently I'm not nickname material. I still do once in a while. :-D Smile, that is.
Two things I'm wearing right now:
A night gown and a silk ribbon that I knotted around my neck a few days ago and now can't get undone. Fortunately, so far it's been approbo with my attire.
Two of my favorite things to do:
Melt glass and create jewelry. There are one or two other things but we won't get into those.
Two favorite drinks:
Sobeys energy drinks..the pink one. Milk.
Two movies I could watch again:
Wonder Boys and Postcards from the Edge
Typically, what time do you wake up? 7:00
On a good night, what time are your kids in bed?
My kids are pretty much grown so I'm going to say 10:00 if they want to be healthy, wealthy and wise. When the time they went to bed was up to me they were usually in by 8:00 but actual me time wasn't until 9 or so. You know how that goes.
What is your favorite kids show/movie?
Saturday morning cartoons..you gotta love the roadrunner and Wile E. coyote!
What is your favorite chore?
Don't tell anyone, but I like to wash dishes. Well, maybe not 'like' so much as 'don't hate'...This would explain the fact that there's never been a dishwasher in my kitchen. Oh yes, one brief time in a rented house with a dishwasher that pulled over to the sink. It was so much quicker just to wash by hand that I rarely used it.
What is your favorite quality about your mom?
My mother is hugely creative and would construct something wonderful from tampon applicators if she could get away with it. She is also one of the few people I know who rarely has anything bad to say about anyone.
..and that's all she wrote...if you blog, it's now your turn! Consider yourself tagged :)
Let me know in the comments if you've taken up the challenge!


Of sundogs and glass beads..

If you're interested in checking out the auction of this latest set of handmade glass beads click on the image. You will be magically transported to Ebay, affectionately known by those who sell as FeeBay.
ahh well, we all have to make a living don't we?...Hope you're all in fine fettle! :)