Scheduling your Muse

Thursday morning..
I'm trying to keep to somewhat of a schedule. Contrary to what those with a regular 9-5 may think, working at home is difficult. At least for those who are undisciplined ~like me.

I've decided that Thursday will be for blog writing..hence, the entry...and for working on the construction of jewelry, which I don't enjoy nearly as much as I do melting the glass. That would explain the 3 containers of beads you see in front of my work space there. The trouble is 'creativity' and 'schedules' ...and there is a word for this but my brain is failing me at the moment. They just do not work well together..it's as though someone is standing over you saying 'Create...NOW' One sort of rebels at that and locks up.
However, if you're going to be professional and make your work a successful business you have to find a way to keep your muse on call. I've filled my work space with color and past work...drawings, paintings, words...as well as clippings from magazines that stop me in my tracks and move me in some way. I remember reading somewhere that one of the tactics that work for teaching children with ADD is to have them work in a small cubby with no stimuli of any kind. hmmm, what think you about that? Vaguely disturbing somehow, although I do understand the reasoning behind it.
But it does make me wonder.
If I were to clear everything away, except maybe the color purple...would I get more accomplished?

The latest bracelet to emerge from
the cluttered den of
'Sweetwater Designs' ~ Lampwork and brass.

For purchase on Etsy.


knitsteel said...

It is so much more fun to make the bits than it is to actually put them all together. I completely empathize with you.

Sweetwater Designs said...

I'll bet you do...your 'bits' must be very fun to construct! A lot of satisfying hammering and banging on metals. I think I'd thoroughly enjoy that :)

PG said...

What an Alladins cave of treasure, I am fascinated by the table contents!
I could not be without my creative nest, it shapes what I do, and far from finding it a distraction I need my ''stuff' I personally find no problem in getting up and 'going to work' - in the next room...it helped when I started getting commercial work with real deadlines, and you have to get your creative muse working whether she likes it or not!
Fellow Joni Mitchell lover and Crab (glass making - how very Cancerian - and no wonder you need your things around you, we are hoarders by nature!) Thank you visiting me, and linking, I will pop you in my link list too, with pleasure! :)

Sweetwater Designs said...

Thanks PG..for the thoughtful comment and for the link! Your site is a treasure trove as well and linking to you was self serving. I plan on popping in every so often and see whats happening with you..:)

Mytutorlist.com said...

I like your new blog layout. My only recommendation is for a slight larger font size. I was really straining my eyes to read.

The new bracelet is lovely. I love how all your beads are so unique.

As for eating cake for breakfast, it sounds absolutely fantastic. Cake is so good. I bet you'd feel good all day for eating cake in the morning!!! (I know I would!)

Sweetwater Designs said...

thanks so much for the feedback tutor..this layout won't last long. I was being green for St Patty Day but I'm growing tired of the green already. I changed the font because with the layout some words were almost sitting on top of each other in the comment bar at the bottom of the posts.
I wish I had more options with blogger for layout but there aren't many...I'm thinking of checking out wordpress? I think it is. we'll see. but thanks for the comments, I appreciate the views ♥

Jewelry Making said...

I haven't had the courage to start lampwork yet, but I think the bracelet you show here is absolutely stunning. I'm sure once I start lampwork it will take me a while before I can create something as beautiful as that!

Sweetwater Designs said...

thank you for that jewelry making! its a learning process thats for sure, but a very enjoyable one.