Notes to myself

..and anyone else contemplating serious changes to their blog template. Back it up first.
I know we've all heard that more than a few times. But seriously, back it up first.

I think I know enough code to squeak by and then I get myself into trouble and I realize that in reality I only know enough to cause problems. If my blog seems to be transient every time you come in here, its because I've ruined my template trying to install code to give myself peek a boo posts...you know the kind that if you have a very long post like the 'Artisan to Note' interviews, you can just post teasers on the main page putting the remainder else where on your blog with a 'read more here' link. It's the *elsewhere* that poses a problem for me.
Bear with me, I'm sure I'll work it all out.


knitsteel said...

Oh no!
I pretty much stick to the template these days and don't mess too much with the html.
But yes, I've discovered the backup function!

Sweetwater Designs said...

lol...you're smarter than me Kirsten! I do think the peekaboo posts are a nice thing though..I'll have to put a bit more effort into it and see what I can do.

Mytutorlist.com said...

Ah, I hope you didn't lose too much! I'm always tempted to edit my blog template, but I'm worried I'll just mess it up. It's cool that you're experimenting tho.

Sweetwater Designs said...

no...everything was gone just long enough for me to worry, but it was easily recovered. Other than a couple of glitches, all is fine! Go ahead Marie..just back it up first and I think its as easy as clicking a box that says back up this template.