I think I smell Spring....maybe

I'm yearning for Spring and all the things that go with that...we've got lots of water running in the streets but that's the extent of it so far. Spring is a long time coming in this part of the country. We'll still be dreaming about it while some of you are out in your shirt sleeves smelling the crocuses.

I made this little egg set of handmade glass beads the other day...gorgeous glass! an opal glass that changes in the flame from a creamy pale yellow to a rich decadent caramel color.

Up for auction on Ebay from 2/18 through to the 23rd.


Mytutorlist.com said...

I once had quails as pets and one of them laid an egg that had no shell except for a thin membrane around the deep orange contents. These beads actually look like the result.

Sweetwater Designs said...

Oh my..that little quail must've been quite surprised. :)

pyro.pagan said...

Oh, these are SO beautiful. Gorgeous color!