the color of Spring

So these are some of the colors for Spring and Summer 2008! so say Pantone, the leading authority on color trends in both the fashion industry and home decor.
I'm not sure how they arrive at these results but I do consult the site from time to time just for interest sake. Okay, I admit it.. I've purchased glass rods using their color charts before. But they were colors I loved anyway.
I did my living room walls in a blue-y shade of sage a couple of years ago and I still love the color. I don't know if that color was blessed by Pantone the year we painted those walls but I've been happy with them.
What do you think..do you think you choose your colors or does the media choose them for you?
'Daiquiri Green'... wasn't that 'Lime' in 2005?


LampworkDiva said...

Spring colors out already? YAY! I've got cabin fever and this is a great mood lifter. Thanks for posting it!

Sweetwater Designs said...

oh yeah..doesn't fushia just lift the mood? or is that just me. :)Thanks for stopping by!